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How does it feel to be working at something you love while you make a difference in the world?  How are you expressing your uniqueness and creating a positive influence and affect in the world around you?

You are a conscious entrepreneur on a mission. You are creating your destiny through your unique purpose.  And it feels great!

Whether you are just sensing the inspiration of your purpose bubbling up inside you and looking for guidance, or whether you are already well on your way, has created a central location where you can be inspired and connect to the energy that makes up who you truly are…and then learn to take those necessary actions that bring your unique purpose and passion into your present and serve as a catalyst for creating and living your Ultimate Dream Life.

We are traveling this path with you. We have navigated the trenches, fought the internal battles, overcome the challenges on the path and learned the techniques, tools and technologies that accelerate the process of becoming who you were intended to be…in your life and in your business.  Are you ready to step up the next level and shine?

Blending ancient wisdom with 21st Century technology and innovation, will guide you down the path, provide you with practical solutions you can apply to a sometimes confusing and overwhelming process.  Spend some time with us and you’ll see for yourself.

We have the tools for you.  Some will immediately make perfect sense.  Some will be new and different ideas for you.  Some may even be met with resistance.  But each one is valuable and important.

How will you feel when you look back on today, knowing that this was a key moment…the turning point that tipped the scales in your favor?  How will you feel when you are living your dream?

Take the inspired action today to achieve personal excellence, create passion and purpose in your business, and stay connected to the brilliance, genius and the magic that you…and ONLY YOU…can bring to this world in your own unique way.

You are important.  You are here for a reason.  You landed here at right now.

Explore with us.  Learn with us.  Join us on the journey.

We look forward to being of the highest service to the help you create the magnificent YOU that you have always envisioned.

Meet Your MasterMind Mentor

Jeffrey Howard

Hi and welcome to! This is the place where my team has insisted that I share a bunch of personal stuff about me and let you get to know me a bit more personally...OK, I'm game.

There will be a new video here soon to replace this picture of me..but for now, I'll just write to share a few things about my passions and purpose.

First and foremost, my primarily goal in life is to help you to create the Ultimate Dream Life for yourself. I have always been keen on learning as much as I can about the things that interest me and I love to share those things with you...and that's a lot...I guess you could say I'm kind of an information junkie, but more than anything, I'm a "experience" junkie. Life is about having fun, exciting, cool experiences and being in your full expression at all times.

So, at the core of my passions is my music and writing. I'm pretty profilic (i.e., I write a lot, sometimes LONG pieces...). I hope you enjoy my rants and ramblings and find use for what I hope will be actual bits of wisdom in there somewhere.

Some people call me a 21st Century Renaissance Man...

EFT Tapping for attracting a great day…start today!

I just came across a video from a colleague who is one of the consummate authorities on Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).  I’ve done a lot of study and work with EFT and there has always been a focus on bringing up negative emotional events in order to release them but in this unique video, Brad […]

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Why we REALLY do free coaching…

Someone contacted me the other day about the free Discovery Coaching sessions that we offer and responded in a really “interesting” way.  I don’t typically get these kinds of responses anymore because of how I work with the Law of Attraction but every now and again I get a mild “heckler.”  I usually just chalk […]

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Law of Attraction – Everything is energy and nothing is neutral

Recently, I have been revisiting my study of the work of Dr. David Hawkins (Power vs. Force / Highest Levels of Enlightenment) and have come to some interesting conclusions based upon his work. If you have not studied Dr. Hawkins work, and are interested in the science behind how the world around you affects you, […]

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The Law of Reciprocity – What goes around comes around…

There is a force in the Universe that has been called the Law of Reciprocity. The concept is simple: What goes around comes around. Nothing you ever do goes unnoticed by this living universe. I have seen this story a few times before in different forms…but this morning, my Mom sent me an email with […]

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The truth about the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is not a brand new concept, yet it seems so to many because it has so recently begun to spill over into mainstream circles. And it is not uncommon for a new idea to be shunned by the masses initially. The great 19th Century German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer was well-known for […]

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Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich & the Law of Attraction

I have nearly 35 years behind me in the world of personal development.  And I feel quite fortunate that my first ‘formal’ foray into the personal development world, at least on a conscious level, was when I read Napoleon Hill’s classic bible on success, Think and Grow Rich, while I was still a junior in […]

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The Power of Focus

Let’s face it…everybody is busy these days. Sometimes is just seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. Focus to Hit Your Target Between our seemingly never-ending “to-do” lists, families with two working parents, or single parents working hard, kids’ soccer practice, the internet, and everything else that goes on […]

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Setting “ridiculous” goals…and having fun doing it!

I have set some very high goals for this year…a few that some might consider impossible to achieve (at least this year). But, do you know what’s very interesting about setting the bar REALLY high for yourself? When you do that, you tend to always hit a goal higher than what you previously thought was […]

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