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If you think the Law of Attraction
isn’t working in your life…think again…

When you learn the RIGHT rules,
you’ll get the right results

From the Desk of Jeffrey Howard


Dear Friend:

OK, I'm just going to say it straight out...there's been WAY TOO MUCH information (actually too much MIS-information) about this thing we have come to call the Law of Attraction.

I hear from people every day who ask me why this mysterious "law" doesn't work for them.

These are just a few examples of the frustrations that I hear from so many people:

  • "I've been visualizing but I'm not seeing things show up..."
  • "Is this a real 'law' like...the law of gravity?"
  • "How do I attract a relationship?"
  • "Why is money such a challenge for me?"
  • "Why can't I seem to get anything to happen consistently when I try using the Law of Attraction?"
  • "Can I lose weight using the Law of Attraction?"
  • "Why do I feel like I don't deserve success and wealth?"
  • "How can I be happy and grateful when I have all these problems?"
  • "The Law of Attraction just isn't working for me!"

And you know what? I feel you... and I hear you. Let's fix that problem, shall we?

I really want to help...because from my point of view, the Law of Attraction is perhaps the supreme, most POWERFUL force that exists. But only when you know how it works...

I'm not talking about some "out there in the Universe" concept.

The Law of Attraction is already working in your life, whether you understand it or not. In fact, it's working whether you believe in it, whether you trust it, even if you don't acknowledge it's existence at all.

So, doesn't it make sense to understand HOW it works, so you can apply it in a way that will serve you so you can finally overcome all those frustrations?

What I'm about to share with you is a practical, grounded, step-by-step process that is going to help you understand the phenomenal power in the Law of Attraction and more importantly, give you the tools to START APPLYING IT IMMEDIATELY in a way that actually works for you!

But I'm not only going just share what I already know to be true...

I've also brought in some of the most knowledgeable Attraction Masters I know to help you...

There are very few times in your life that you have the opportunity to be mentored by true masters of any craft.

I was recently blessed with the opportunity to assemble some of the finest minds in the world of "The Law of Attraction"...including featured teachers from the smash-hit film, The Secret for a six-week event that I organized and called "Attraction Mastery."

I was truly honored and humbled by the experience. And I have to tell you that the opportunity to share intimate details, strategies, deep conversations and unique insights with this group of people was one of the highlights of my career as a speaker and personal development far.

Week-after-week, even more amazing, inside information was shared by our expert panel. Participants from over 22 different countries attended this global teleseminar event and by the time it was over, our students were already sharing with us their own astounding stories about how effective this material has been for them in creating and attracting the lives they had previously only dreamed about.

I was as much the student as the teacher during this program and I even performed an impromtu surprise experiment between Weeks 2 and 3 to use as a demonstration for our participants where I attracted $10,000 (which literally transformed into $20,000 by the time it arrived) using my own Seven Days to Success attraction system...which I also shared as part of the Attraction Mastery program.

It was a blast to put out that intention, after being "turbo-charged" with David Childerley's Week 2 session, and then have it come to fruition, practically at the speed of light -- yes, $10,000 (that actually transformed into $20,000) manifested in 11 minutes! And this was only a little more than two hours after David walked us through this amazing technique to release blocks around money and prosperity.

Hey, maybe it's not scientific proof that my system works, but it was pretty cool to do this kind of "on the spot" demonstration and get these kinds of results...the same kind of results you can also get when you apply this system yourself.

As the weeks developed, awesome insights and strategies for success using the Law of Attraction were shared, along with deep wisdom from these amazing teachers and transformational coaches, including Marci Shimoff, Hale Dwoskin and Dr. Joe Vitale. Joe and I shared stories about how effective the Ho'oponopono technique is for clearing and cleaning the energetic "junk" from your system, so you can attract what you really want. In fact, I candidly shared with him that I had used that exact technique to attract Joe to be part of the Attraction Mastery series!

The incredible outpouring of worldwide participation and support for these calls was phenomenal, but the fun didn't stop there...

We recorded every minute of these content-packed presentations (totaling over SIX HOURS of brilliant, deep and powerful information) and now, even if you weren't able to participate in the original live event, you can still gain IMMEDIATE ACCESS to all the archived recordings of this rare opportunity to be Mentored by Masters of Attraction.

Take a closer look at this amazing lineup of
Attraction Masters and the detailed information and strategies that they will reveal to you:

Program One

Jeffrey Howard image

Jeffrey Howard
International Speaker, Business Coach, Author of Seven Days to Success, Musician/Composer

Seven Days to Success
Laying the Foundation for your
Personal Attraction System

To get you started the right way, I will personally and methodically walk you through my Seven Days to Success system, step-by-step and day-by-day so you clearly understand the process and method we will build upon for the rest of the program.

  • Create your own attraction blueprint in seven simple steps that you can develop and learn in SEVEN DAYS OR LESS!
  • Discover how to get absolutely clear about what you really want to attract
  • Learn the two biggest mistakes you may be making when you're trying to make the Law of Attraction work for you
  • Explore a process to deepen your awareness so the "hints" you get about your next steps become crystal clear
  • Create your foundation tools to accelerate your personal attraction process
  • Find out how to cultivate an "attitude of gratitude" and why it's such a key element to attraction success

Create your own Attraction Foundation System that you can repeat over and over!


Program Two

David Childerley

David Childerley
David Childerley, Leading UK Law of Attraction and EFT Specialist


Success at Your Fingertips
Break Through Your Financial Barriers
Using EFT Tapping Techniques

In this astounding program, David shares the simple "tapping" strategy called EFT that will help you overcome and break through any previous barriers to financial success.

  • Unleash your personal power -- you hold it in the palm of your hand ( your FINGERTIPS!)
  • Learn a simple technique to "tap away" the deep inner blocks (that you may not even realize you have) that have been your obstacles to financial success
  • Discover a new view of money and how it can operate in your favor and be your greatest ally
  • Experience and learn the EXACT process I used to attract $10,000 (that actually transformed into $20,000) after this amazingly powerful session with David...and I did it in only 11 minutes!

Powerful and insightful program!


Program Three

David Childerley

Michael Stephens
Visionary and Intuitive Counselor

Connecting with Your Life Purpose

Inner Peace as the Master Key to Attraction

Michael reveals his unique perspective on attraction, your life purpose and gives stunning insights on connecting with your own sense of personal inner peace.

  • Experience a surprisingly simple technique to clearly target and achieve your most "available" desire
  • Find out how to keep yourself in a state of "feeling" so you are constantly in the flow of your greatest opportunities for success
  • How "picking off the menu" might be the biggest mistake you can make in the attraction process
  • Learn a simple technique to maintain a high level of awareness

You can literally feel the energy of this super-charged session!



Program Four

David Childerley

Hale Dwoskin
Co-Founder of The Sedona Method
Featured teacher in The Secret, NY Times Best-selling author of
The Sedona Method: Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Success, Peace and Emotional Well-being

Using The Sedona Method ™
to Release the Pain of Limiting Beliefs

Hale's unique, fun-loving and entertaining style will have you smiling all the way through this amazing session.

  • How limiting beliefs lead to emotional and physical challenges that hold you back from what you really want in your life
  • Discover how three simple questions can change your view about any situation and allow you to release anything holding you back...almost immediately
  • Where most people run into money blocks and how to simply and quickly let them go
  • How to use this simple process to literally "let go" of anything that doesn't serve you

You'll find it almost impossible to believe how simple it can be to blocks and obstacles that have held you back up to now...


Program Five

David Childerley

Marci Shimoff
Featured Teacher in The Secret, author of nine #1 best-selling Chicken Soup books, and NY Times Bestselling author of
Happy for No Reason.

The Vital Connection Between
Happiness and Attraction

Enjoy this lively session with my very special guest Marci Shimoff as she shares her vast experience gained from decades of studying, mentoring and teaching attraction techniques.

  • Discover the true nature of your relationship with money and financial success
  • Learn the Top 3 ways to get happy and stay happy
  • Explore the direct connection between happiness and success with the Law of Attraction (or success in any area)
  • What do Marci's Happy 100 people do that you may not be doing?
  • Discover Marci's personal 3-step Attraction process
  • How to determine your Happiness Set Point
  • Why "everything happens for a reason"
  • The perfect "empowerment question" to ask yourself when "bad" things happen in your life

This session caught Marci in rare form and
is truly not to be missed!


Programs Six & Seven

David Childerley

Dr. Joe Vitale
Featured teacher from the smash-hit movie The Secret and author of numerous best-selling books, including The Attractor Factor, Hypnotic Writing and The Key

Cleaning and Clearing
Your Path To Success

Discovering the Ho'opnopono Process

"Mr. Fire" himself shares with us his dynamic style and deeper insights into the Law of Attraction in this fun discussion, teaching and coaching session.

  • Tapping into your passion, purpose and destiny
  • Overcoming fear of success and fear of failure
  • Why coming from a place of love and passion will accelerate your connecton with the Law of Attraction
  • Discover an ancient Hawaiian healing technique called Ho'oponopono to clean and clear away doubts, fears and limiting beliefs
  • Four simple phrases that can release any blocks keeping you from what you want to achieve and attract
  • How I actually used this process to attract Joe (and others) to join me for this Attraction Mastery series
  • Exploring the power of sound and music to the attraction and learning process

Enjoy this opportunity to learn inside secrets from
the Attractor Factor Master himself!


Attraction Mastery

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Seven Days to Success with the Law of Attraction
The Law of Attraction ACTION PACK!

When you order Attraction Mastery're also going to get instant digital access to every audio, every video and even the Seven Days to Success Action Guide from this program too...

All these extras...FREE...just take a look at this:

  • The Seven Days to Success Action Guide ($97 Value) – This step-by-step guide will take you through all the action steps you will need to take each day to have your own customized Law of Attraction Action Plan at the end of a seven-day period. Inspirational, motivational and action-oriented...designed specifically to keep you on track.

  • The Seven Days to Success with Law of Attraction Audio Program ($97 Value) where I will guide you step-by-step through the Seven Day Action Plan, with each day building upon the next until you have created your own customized and personalized Law of Attraction Action Plan.

  • The Law of Attraction MasterMind Enhancement Music™ Audio Program ($47 Value) to deeply program powerful affirmations and attraction mastery content into your mind for permanent retention.

  • The Law of Attraction MasterMind Movie ($47 Value) - Stunning visual images, affirmations and the "Attraction" MasterMind Enhancement Music™ track take you on a Law of Attraction journey to connect to an advanced state of attraction in mind, body and spirit.

  • How to Create Your Own MasterMind Movie ($97 Value) - A complete educational video on making your own MasterMind Movie to attract what you want in your life, every step, personally guided so you can customize the process for yourself.

  • Putting The Action Into The Law of AttrACTION! Video ($97 Value) – A detailed, step-by-step presentation on the exact process you need to take to put the Law of Attraction into ACTION in your life!

- AND -

  • The NEW Science of Getting Rich ($97 Value)-- The original inspiration for the movie "The Secret", this recently updated 21st Century version of Wallace D. Wattles classic masterpiece is yours in both ebook and audio formats...including specially designed MasterMind Enhancement Music™ tracks to open your mind and increase your retention of this powerful information.

Plus, you're also going to receive two additional SURPRISE BONUSES from two of our expert panel valued at over $300...I can't tell you what they are yet but I'll give you a hint...

These two bonuses alone will help you break through ANY blocks you have right now that are keeping you from creating your ultimate dream life and the prosperity you deserve...

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If you are feeling like you haven't mastered the Law of Attraction, IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT. You've just never had the right information and the right team of experts to teach you the perfect step-by-step system for attraction mastery. But now you do!

You CAN put a system into place – anyone can -- and it will immediately start turning the wheels of the attraction vehicle in the right direction for you while you turbo-charge the engine that drives this infallible universal law. And can you think of a better way than to be mentored by this amazing group of Attraction Masters that we assembled for this one-of-a-kind event? I can't!

That's why I want to personally invite you to take control of your life and finally get the Law of Attraction to REALLY WORK for you…fast!

So, here's what you're going to get...

Our original teleseminar participants paid a minimum of $197 to attend this powerful series and then when we repackaged it into a CD audio program...that package

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you need this information more than ever before...

I'm going to give you...

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The next steps are all up to you. All you need to do is TAKE ACTION!  In fact, you're about to discover one of the habits of amazingly successful people…take decisive action NOW

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I hope you will let us know when you have a huge break through to success. We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Peace and Prosperity,

Jeff sig

Jeffrey Howard


P.S. – Remember, take advantage of my offer right now and my friends and I will throw in over $879 in bonuses on top of the amazing priceless value of Attraction Mastery.

P.P.S. – As you place your order now so will have this incredible formula to use forever, remember in this moment how you will look back a year from now and see how much your life has been dramatically positively changed for the better...


"The truth is still the truth, no matter what you choose to believe." ~ Jeffrey Howard


Marci Shimoff image

“In his 'Seven Days to Success with the Law of Attraction' program, Jeffrey Howard has succeeded in taking any mystery and confusion out of the Law of Attraction and breaking it down into the key elements to make it work fast, for anyone. His 7-Day process is clear and simple, yet amazingly effective. And Jeff's sound and music enhancement processes allowed me to instantly feel the connection to the forces that drive the Law of Attraction (in addition to being wonderfully soothing to hear). I wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone who wants to immediately launch the Law of Attraction into action in their lives today!”

-- Marci Shimoff, International Speaker and NY Times #1 Best selling Co-Author of Six Chicken Soup for the Soul books, featured teacher in the movie, The Secret and author of Happy For No Reason.


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Becky Nelson

"I wanted to write this and Thank You again for teaching this great 5-week course on THE LAW OF ATTRACTION!

"I have been excited about the Law of Attraction for months now, but not doing everything correctly in trying to manifest things into my life. With your help, I am learning so much more about the correct techniques from your teachings! You have so many great tools for us to be successful! The Law of Attraction Mastery movies are great that you put together for us, and I especially like the Law of Attraction CD with the MasterMind Enhancement Music! That one really helps me to concentrate and relax, and get my positive imagery turned on!

"Learning how to remove our blocks with EFT last week was fantastic too! Your special guests are so exciting, I cant wait for next week! One of the things I have been using the LOA Mastery for is to attract positive health-minded caring people into my health business with me, and I have had some pretty exciting phone calls the last week already, and they have found me!

"Our mind is so powerful once we learn to guide those positive energies, and focus!

"Thanks again Jeff!!! I am so grateful that the universe connected us, and I am able to take this course with you!


With Deep Gratitude, Love and Light!



"Wow! I've already used Jeff's Law of Attraction ACTION PACK system toTracee Sioux attract my perfect dream house, and now having access to this Attraction Mastery Series is really tightening up my "attraction" skills.

I L-o-v-e-d the call last night, but had to listen to it on the recording. I won't miss anymore of the live calls. The people you've assembled to work with us are great. I REALLY dug the group EFT tapping for wealth!

Get this: I just scored my dream Mac. I hand drew my dream Mac laptop on my dream board. My friend emailed me from Salt Lake City and said her friend -- in the graphic design industry -- has a pimped-out Mac with all the bells and whistles, but he wants the latest best version. This one is 2 years old. Do I want it for $500? It's my dream Macbook Pro with all the coolest software. I Paypaled him the $500 and the Mac was delivered to my door.

This rocks! Dream on!"

~ Tracee Sioux, award-winning writer/photographer and girl advocate

Read Tracee's blogs, "So Sioux Me" --, inspiring mothers to empower their daughters, and


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