Coaching/Consulting Testimonials

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Check out what some of our current and past clients have to say about their experiences of working with Jeffrey Howard and the MasterMind Mentor team:

Margaret Lynch – The Secret of Intentional Wealth / Tapping for Miracles

“I hired Jeff because I wanted a turn-key product launch that would put me on the map. By “turn-key” I mean I wanted an expert I could trust to create and run a product launch while I stayed focused on running my business. Jeff came with a track record in my industry, well-recommended and with a network of affiliates far beyond what I could have hoped for. True to his word, Jeff worked incredibly hard to insure each step of the project was coordinated, rolled out and working exactly to his standards. During the launch he was tireless in his focus on optimizing the sales page, sales process and sales copy for highest possible sales/conversion rate. I was able to not only achieve fantastic six-figure sales in a very short time, but I also built my list from 500 to almost 60,000 people, and went from only 4 affiliates to over 700…definitely putting me and my product “on the map.” ~ Margaret Lynch, Creator of Secret of Intentional Wealth

Nick Ortner – The Tapping World Summit / The Tapping Solution

Format: Event and Product Launch with Full Team Project Management
Results: 81,000 participants in 48 countries for online event. Generated nearly $800K in revenue plus increased internal opt-in list by over 60,000 subscribers in 4 weeks.

** Now in its third season, the Tapping World Summit uses the same basic business model created in 2009 and in the 2011 Summit, over 300,000 people registered with well over $2.5 Million in sales generated.

nicholas ortner tapping world summit
Client comments: “After bringing him in to run a successful ‘test’ campaign for one of our lower-priced packages, I decided to hire Jeffrey Howard to manage a much larger project for us called the Tapping World Summit. His insights and marketing sense added tremendous value to the project, plus he brought in and managed a highly professional team to handle product design, manufacture and shipping fulfillment, web design, customer support and technical services. Jeff personally wrote amazing web and e-mail copy, managed and promoted our affiliate campaign, created and implemented internet marketing and social media strategies that created a viral worldwide explosion of attention for our event, and seemed to just magnetically draw people to register for the event and ultimately purchase our back-end products. We couldn’t be happier with results. Thanks to Jeff and his team, we added over 40,000 new subscribers to our list, had over 46,000 people register to the event, added nearly 300 new affiliates to our team, and generated well over a half million dollars in revenue in only about a month’s time. He was also very easy to work with and excellent with maintaining open communication. Thanks Jeff! We can’t wait to work with you again on the next big project!” ~ Nick Ortner, producer of the global EFT tapping event, “Tapping World Summit”