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In early 2010, with the help of vital input, suggestions and requests from coaching clients (many of whom who were also coaches), Jeffrey Howard, founder and visionary behind, decided to expand into teaching his proven coaching curriculum method, including the method for creating a successful coaching practice.

Since that time, Jeff has personally trained several coaches under the MasterMind Mentor Coaching Academy (MMMCA) coach certification program with new students completing the program regularly.

The MMMCA program continues to expand to graduate new MasterMind Mentor Coaches who are ready to work with you to help you achieve discover your genius, get clear on your passion, purpose and vision and create your Ultimate Dream Life.

You have a choice.  As it should be…

Consider your goals and desired outcomes…then choose the right coach for you.  We will even provide you with a complimentary (yes, that means FREE) Discovery Coaching session to help you find the right coach for you. We have found that this is absolutely the BEST way to discover whether you and your coach are a great fit for working together moving forward.

Take a look at our current list of recommended and certification MasterMind Mentor Coaches…and we encourage you to schedule a Discovery Coaching session with the coach that you feel best suits your needs.

We look forward to working with you!

mastermind mentor jeffrey howard jeff howard

Jeffrey Howard - MasterMind Mentor, Founder & Chief Visioneering Officer

Jeffrey Howard
– Founder & Chief Visioneering Officer, MasterMind Mentor Coach

Areas of Specialty: Visionary Business Strategy Coaching, Product and Event Launches, Personal/Business Branding and Core Message.  Connecting your Vision with Tactical and Strategic steps to bring that vision to fruition.

PLEASE NOTE: My 1-on-1 coaching practice is EXTREMELY limited due to the type of projects that I take on with my clients and our internal strategic planning.  I would LOVE to chat with you but please thoroughly review the Strategic Marketing and Product Launch Consulting and Visionary Business Strategy Coaching programs before committing to a Discovery Session to assure you are fully aware of the requirements for working with me.

rob thorne certified mastermind mentor coach

Robert M. Thorne, CRPC©

Rob Thorne – MasterMind Mentor Certified Coach

Areas of Specialty: Financial Coaching, Life Management Coaching, Accelerated Goal Setting and Achievement, Advanced Attraction Techniques

Rob Thorne is recognized as a leading professional coach and educator.  In addition to his 20+ years experience in the financial coaching industry, he is a founding member of Munroe, Morrow and Thorne, a leading financial coaching firm.

He has taken this experience and blended it with the MasterMind Mentor Coaching Academy training, where he has become an expert in coaching implementation strategies and particularly working with professional, motivated individuals looking to accelerate their lives to the ‘next level’…  [click here to learn more about Rob...]

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beth devine mastermind mentor coach

Beth Devine

Beth Devine — MasterMind Mentor Certified Coach

Areas of Specialty: Wellness Coaching, Weight Loss, Nutrition and Food Management, Law of Attraction/Energy Attraction Coaching

As one of the first group of graduates through the MasterMind Mentor Coaching Academy, Coach Beth Devine brings a wealth of personal coaching talent and skill along with her unique ability to tune into the most important core needs and goals of her clients.

Beth is a particular passion for Wellness Coaching and would love to help you define and attain your most important health goals… [click here to learn more about Beth…]

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