MasterMind Mentor Coach — Rob Thorne

rob thorne certified mastermind mentor coach

Robert M. Thorne, CRPC© Mastermind Mentor Certified Coach

Rob Thorne was a key catalyst for the creation of the MasterMind Mentor Coaching Academy.  As a long-time coaching client of Jeffrey Howard, he recognized the need to expand the MasterMind Mentor coaching model so more people could benefit from experiencing the power and focus of this coaching method.  His suggestion not to “reinvent the wheel” sparked the creation of the MasterMind Mentor Coaching Academy to train others in our coaching method and our proven model for successfully building a coaching practice.

Rob is MasterMind Mentor’s financial and life goal coaching specialist.  He is recognized as a leading professional coach and educator.  In addition to his 20+ years experience in the financial coaching industry, he is a founding member of Munroe, Morrow and Thorne, a leading financial coaching firm.

He has taken this experience and blended it with the MasterMind Mentor Coaching Academy training, where he has become an expert in coaching implementation strategies and particularly working with professional, motivated individuals looking to accelerate their lives to the ‘next level’.

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Rob is a coach at heart with a true passion for the art of coaching both individuals and organized teams.  He has been deeply passionate about helping others since his youth.   Rob has helped many clients over the last twenty years realize their true potential and achieve their long sought-after goals and dreams.

His deepest passion is to help his clients discover how to live their lives in alignment with their goals and passions and then take inspired action toward achieving them.  As a cancer survivor, Rob is particularly in tune with overcoming those unexpected challenges that can derail us as we travel down life’s open road.

Rob’s talents, skills and abilities include being a business and financial coach, athletic coach, musician, investor, counselor, entrepreneur and athlete.

As a Mastermind Mentor certified coach, Rob has been involved with and supported various MasterMind Mentor projects over the last several years.  Rob started as a MasterMind Mentor coaching client and realized the potential for helping others through coaching in the MasterMind Mentor structure and system.

He was a key catalyst for creating the MasterMind Mentor Coaching Academy and holds the honor of being the very first MasterMind Mentor Certified Coach trained under that system.

Rob resides on beautiful Cape Cod, Massachusetts and as an avid outdoorsman, Rob can usually be found on the water engaged in various activities and watersports in the summer months.  In winter, Rob enjoys playing and coaching hockey as well as skiing with his family.

Rob is actively involved in a variety of professional and philanthropic organizations.  He is a director of the Cape Cod Chapter of the American Cancer Society, a member of Rotary Club International  and a member of the Boston Bar Association.  One of his passions is mentoring children and he is actively involved in coaching youth sports in his community.   He is the father of two talented and energetic boys.

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