Visionary Business Strategy Coaching

Are you ready to bring your vision into alignment with your ideal business?

Is it finally time for you to discover (or rediscover) your passion and purpose, and design your profession around it?

We are visionary entrepreneurs at the heart of everything we do…and we are here to help launch you to a new level in your visionary business…

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Create or Expand Your Business

We offer specialized visionary business strategy coaching to those who are dedicated, motivated and ready to be unstoppable in bringing their unique gifts and talents to the world.

My 90-Day Fast-Track Conscious Business Strategy Coaching Program will help you discover and develop your new business…or to dramatically accelerate the business you already have started…

  • Implement tactical social media strategies
  • Quickly and easily develop new products and services to expand your revenue streams
  • Target your market and attract the right clients and customers
  • Manage time and life priorities with a focus on getting things done
  • Cultivate your Genius Mind and work in your brilliance while you delegate the rest
  • Learn strategies to multiply your productivity through outsourcing
  • Automate key areas of your business to free your time
  • Discover new active and passive revenue streams
  • Break through barriers to success and wealth
  • Learn to network with the right people to expand your business rapidly

We can also provide Specialized Coaching & Consulting for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses Owners

  • Business and Corporate Structure
  • Business Development / Strategy Coaching
  • Marketing and Branding Consultation
  • Business Plan Creation
  • Capital Strategy Consulting
  • Corporate Culture MasterMind Coaching

When you make the commitment to put your business on fast forward with the Conscious Business Strategy Coaching Program, you’ll get Expert One-on-One Coaching and Strategy Consulting directly from
Jeffrey Howard, Master Strategy Coach, CEO and Chief Visioneering Officer for

* * * There is very limited availability for this One-on-One program,
so please click here to apply for a select position in this program.

The investment in this Program is $7,000 and requires your full commitment to success.  Please apply ONLY if you can meet these requirements.

If you qualify for this program, we will first enter into a complimentary exploratory session to mutually determine if this is the right program for you and we are a good fit.