EFT Tapping for attracting a great day…start today!

I just came across a video from a colleague who is one of the consummate authorities on Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).  I’ve done a lot of study and work with EFT and there has always been a focus on bringing up negative emotional events in order to release them but in this unique video, Brad Yates brings a new perspective on using EFT to install a positive message and start your day in the mode to attract what you really want.

Enjoy Brad as he guides you through what he calls “Tap ‘O The Morning!”

To learn more about tapping, I strongly recommend my friend Nick Ortner’s documentary film called The Tapping Solution, that follows a case study of 10 people — none of whom had experienced tapping before — in a closed workshop weekend…the results were astounding.  Check it out….but check out this fun video from Brad first….

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