Meet Your MasterMind Mentor

Jeffrey Howard

Hi and welcome to!  This is the place where my team has insisted that I share a bunch of personal stuff about me and let you get to know me a bit more personally…OK, I’m game.

There will be a new video here soon to replace this picture of me..but for now, I’ll just write to share a few things about my passions and purpose.

First and foremost, my primarily goal in life is to help you to create the Ultimate Dream Life for yourself.  I have always been keen on learning as much as I can about the things that interest me and I love to share those things with you…and that’s a lot…I guess you could say I’m kind of an information junkie, but more than anything, I’m a “experience” junkie.  Life is about having fun, exciting, cool experiences and being in your full expression at all times.

So, at the core of my passions is my music and writing.  I’m pretty profilic (i.e., I write a lot, sometimes LONG pieces…).  I hope you enjoy my rants and ramblings and find use for what I hope will be actual bits of wisdom in there somewhere.

Some people call me a 21st Century Renaissance Man…ok, love da Vinci and other genius level thinkers (those who defined the term) but I’m not really big on titles or classifications.  I’m just into a lot of really cool stuff…so people have associated me with that term.  Fine with me…my motto is if you CAN do it, and you WANT TO, then you SHOULD do it.

I’ll share more later…but meanwhile, explore our new site…check out all the cool stuff, share with your friends through the awesome social media engine we’ve tapped into here and have a good time.

Let us know how we can help you to ignite your passion, create your profession and generally have a better time in your life.

Peace and Prosperity,