Master Mind Mentor - The Secret Will Be Revealed

"What if you discovered a formula for success that you can apply over and over to create and attract whatever you choose in your life...

...regardless of any current economic conditions... matter what you've accomplished
(or failed at) up to now...

...while you soar to new heights of personal achievement..."

Using this seemingly magical system, enhanced with
the Power of Sound and Music to dramatically accelerate your results,
in less than two hours from right now you can be applying this formula
to your own life with mathematical precision...


From the Desk of Jeffrey Howard

Jeffrey Howard image

Dear Friend and Fellow Truth Seeker,

Doesn't It seem like a thousand variations of The Secret and the Law of Attraction have come out of the woodwork over the past couple of years?

You've probably been left frustrated, scratching your head and wondering whether there is any truth or consistency to any of the information.

Who can you trust? Who do you believe? Is there really a system that you can apply to create the life you really want?

It can all be so confusing and seem so distant from anything you've ever personally experienced. So then what happens? You end up pulling your hair out trying things that don't work until you're finally just left in a place where you don't believe any of it anymore.

You've probably read the books, and tried all kinds of "tools" and "tricks" and "techniques" but did you ever wonder if there was a true, simple formula for actually creating and living the life of your dreams.

After all your searching, maybe it's gotten so bad for you that you're one of the many people who have decided to just "settle" for the best you can and hope that something will eventually change.

If that's you, it's probably not your fault...and please, stop for just a moment and really absorb what I'm about to share with you. I'm betting that no one has ever told you the straight truth about all this.

First, it's vital that you understand that you've been subjected to a lot of conflicting and negative information for the past couple of years, maybe even for your entire life...and all that has had an effect on you and your desired outcomes and lifestyle.

You're constantly bashed and bombarded with negative news about violence, war, poverty, hunger, and of course, "this really crazy and poor economy" you're supposedly experiencing. When is enough really going to be enough?

But what if you could create your own "new economy"?

Wouldn't it be nice if you could plug your wishes and desires into a mathematical equation that just pops out a plan so you can start seeing results right away?

Try something...For just a moment, stop all the random thoughts rushing through your head and just get quiet. Take a breath and imagine that there are absolutely no limits.

Or, if that's too much of a stretch for you right now, just imagine that you can actually have a couple of things that you really want.

Go ahead...just stop right now and get a vision and feeling of the life you truly desire. Now, close your eyes and picture in your mind's eye how that life would look and feel.

How did that feel to you? Did you know that your subconscious mind doesn't know the difference between a vividly imagined, deeply felt image and the "real" thing? When you begin thinking and acting in "a certain way," those pictures and feelings you just saw in your "imagination session" begin to almost magically and magnetically move toward you.

That's what this is all about...and I'm going to share the details with you as you continue to read...


If you really had the choice (and you do), what would you choose? If you knew that everything was on the menu and anything was possible, what would you pick?

Now, here's a VITALLY IMPORTANT QUESTION for you to consider very carefully:

Why in the world should you settle for anything less than
the very best life you can have in every area of your life? 

How would it feel to you if you woke up tomorrow morning and only had to ask yourself this one incredibly powerful question to start your day...if you could just look in the mirror and ask yourself:

“What do I really, really want to do with my day today?”

Imagine what your life will be like, when you discover for yourself the secret that actually created this massive worldwide movement toward the Law of Attraction and The Secret...

It's the deeper secret behind The Secret. It's where The Secret began...

Well, that "secret" isn't really a secret at all.

Actually, it's more like a system than a fact, it can be more closely compared with a SCIENCE...a METHOD...and it will empower you to start today with the process of creating that life that you were just dreaming about a few seconds ago…

And you can start the process of living that dream...not sometime down the road...but beginning TODAY! 

If you had just such a powerful and proven system, based in science, what would you do differently?  If you knew you couldn't fail, what would you attempt? What would you change about yourself?  What would you change about the world around you? 

Whether you would really like to:

  • Live in your ocean view dream home…
  • Give huge amounts of money to your favorite charities...
  • Attract opportunities that deposit millions of dollars into your bank account…
  • Drive your hot, new red Italian sports car with the wind blowing in your face…
  • Start a non-profit company to help feed hungry kids...
  • Lose weight and sculpt your perfect body that you've always desired…
  • Dine with close friends at the finest restaurants…
  • Order the $100 bottle of wine with dinner…
  • Finally discover and attract (and keep) the man or woman of your dreams…
  • Travel to exotic places (in your private jet)…OR
  • [ You insert your big dream here ]…

    I have great news for you!  And I mean really great news...

You can have it! You can DO...BE...and HAVE whatever you choose!  Anything you want!  Everything in your life is going to be affected by positive changes, starting today…if that’s what you choose. And that's the most intriguing part about this get to choose.

But that's also really the biggest challenge, isn't it? What choices are you going to will you guide yourself forward in a way that doesn't produce the exact same results you've always produced?

Because the real truth is...if you don't do something differently, YOU WILL produce the same results. That's just a fact of nature...and I already know that YOU ALREADY KNOW that fact...

Why should you believe me?

Actually, you shouldn't just automatically believe me. But let me share with you my own personal experience and a little background.

I have an almost uncontrollable urge to constantly immerse myself in excellent personal development materials.  I have read, listened to and watched virtually everything I can get my hands on with regard to success principles, creating wealth, spirituality, balance in name it. 

For over 25 years, I have exhaustively studied and applied all the information I can get my hands on in the fields of personal development and peak performance, with absolutely astounding results in many cases. But sometimes those results were extremely inconsistent. I would build a successful business, only to have it come crashing to the ground a few years later. I would get into what I thought was a great relationship and realize a few years later that I had no business being in that relationship in the first place. But why? Why the inconsistencies? Why all the ups and downs?

I have chased that question for years. But, before stumbling across this simple little book, I never felt like I actually “got it.”  I mean, the big picture, the whole enchilada…the “how-to” of it all. 

When I first came across this information, I was both surprised and amazed. I was surprised that it was this simple and concise and I was amazed at how immediately I started getting results.

You see, most material that attempts to pass for solutions or systems for success bombards you with a lot of philosophy and buries you in concepts that are extremely challenging for you to even understand, let alone make a part of your daily life. 

But something about this piece was different. I was first introduced to it in early 2004 by a close friend. He practically jumped through the phone with excitement about this new "discovery" of this almost ancient formula from this little book. With that kind of enthusiasm, I really couldn't help myself either...I had to read it myself.

I read right through it the first time and was absolutely amazed at its directness and simplicty. After all the "theories" and "philosophies" I had studied over time, suddenly in my hands seemed to be the master formula for success. In only a couple of hours, I was able to grasp the ideas and concepts and put this formula into action myself.

And it was so simple...

For the two years before I got my hands on this material, I was having a pretty rough time with some serious financial struggles. I chalked it up to (or blamed) the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Like my Dad always said, "It's either feast or famine!" (How's that for an internal limiting belief system?).

But after applying this simple formula and getting clear about what I really wanted, things began to change in my life...almost immediately.

First, we were able to very quickly sell our house in Northern Arizona for a nice profit, after it had been on the market for over 18 months without even a single offer!

Then I was offered two great consulting contracts on projects that were very exciting to me and allowed me to relocate to the beautiful wine country of Northern California, someplace I had always wanted to live. And other opportunities continually arose through "chance" meetings with new people (remember, there are no accidents). And my previous slow-moving network marketing business began to thrive and grow, too. Everything seemed to just fall into place, with a minimal amount of effort.

In only a matter of months, I went from teetering on the edge of financial humiliation and bankruptcy, groveling to borrow money to keep the roof over my head, to creating a solid multiple six-figure revenue stream from several businesses that I was able to almost effortlessly operate in conjunction with each other. Finally, I was getting a taste of both the financial freedom and the time freedom I had always sought after in my life.

This was without question the single most life-changing piece of information that I had ever put into action. I cannot stress enough how important the information I'm going to share with was in making that massive shift in my life, financially and personally. Since then, I have based virtually everything I do -- everything I want to create -- around this simple formula that I'm going to share with you.

There's my, why are YOU here now?

If you weren’t looking for something bigger, better, or more in your life…you wouldn’t have landed here in the first place.  According to the Laws that govern the Universe (the Laws that you will understand more clearly very soon) you created your opportunity to be right here, right now, receiving this information (Hint: that's part of the secret)...

There is an old saying…”When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

So, your arrival on this that you've been searching, maybe even YEARNING for help; for some kind of a solution; for a roapmap or blueprint to lead you back onto the path that you know, in your hearts of hearts, you were meant to travel...

And I suspect that's your nature -- I'll bet you're always looking for ways to improve your life. If that wasn't true...once again, you probably wouldn't even be here. After all, there are no accidents.

But are you here, and you're here for a reason. Something created a path for you to be here now...and if you're just now experiencing this information for the first time, I'm absolutely thrilled for you because I already know how much your life will change once you have this astounding information in your hands and you apply it to your own life. And even if you have been exposed to this information before, I encourage you to take a closer look at what we've put together in this complete package...

It’s almost like a magic formula for success; whether you want that success in the form of wealth, the perfect romantic relationship, your dream home, more time for your family, a great car, more opportunities to give back to others…whatever you want, you can have it. 

So...What DO you want? 

Stop again for just a moment, and remember the life you just imagined a few minutes ago...

What if there were no limits? 

  • What would you do if money were no object?

  • What if time wasn’t fighting against you?

  • What if you could do ANYTHING your heart desired? 

This once-secret formula that I’m about to share with you will prove to you, once and for all, that…


 You CAN do ANYTHING your heart desires...

If you have the right knowledge and apply the right system in the right sequence.

This secret is something I discovered only a few years ago myself, but it’s been around forever. 

A friend of mine discovered it before me and then he shared it with me. 

And I’ve shared it with thousands of others...

It's time to share it with you. What I’m going to let you in on right now is something very special.  It’s something life-changing and consciousness-shifting. Yet it is so shockingly simple that you'll wonder why you've never thought of it this way -- even if you have been exposed to this information before.

Plus, I've enhanced this powerful information with some very special and unique elements that will surprise you.

And it’s not going to take you a lot of time either -- in fact, you'll be applying this information in only a couple of hours.  And you'll see results quickly too...and then you will want to do it over and over again and do it consistently. It will change the way you think, the way you operate and the way everything works in your world.

And it’s SO MUCH FUN, once you understand how it works! Imagine putting out a thought and some action surrounding that thought and then seeing it all come together, as if the entire Universe was operating from YOUR SCRIPT.

This is a EXACT formula for getting anything and everything you want in your life. 

And it's been ever-so-appropriately titled....

The Science of Getting Rich

This 100-year old book was the key inspiration behind Rhonda Byrne's smash-hit viral movie The Secret, featuring the world’s top performance trainers like Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, Rev. Michael Beckwith, John Assaraf, Bob Doyle, Marci Shimoff, Lisa Nichols and many, many more…

That’s right!  The Science of Getting Rich. Consider the power that comes along with an exact science that can deliver every possibility on the universal menu. Riches in health, wealth, happiness, relationship...yes, you can have it all.

It may sound too good to be true...and you may not believe it (yet). Actually, it doesn’t really matter right now whether you believe it or not.  What matters most is that you keep your mind wide open and allow this information to come into your awareness and apply it in your world.  

If you're the kind of person I think you are…a sharing, caring, compassionate person with an interest in doing good on this planet...then you’ve probably already asked yourself a question that sounds something like this:  “Is being rich the most important thing?  What about being happy? What about helping others?”  Maybe your words were a little different but I'm willing to bet that just using the word “RICH” conjured up some kind of reaction in you. It's okay, that's perfectuly natural.

I understand that response...and that was exactly how I felt too, until I read these powerful opening words from The Science of Getting Rich::

"Whatever may be said in praise of poverty, the fact remains that it is not possible
to live a really complete or successful life unless one is rich."

Think about that for a minute…Money does tend to create solutions and give you a lot more choices, doesn't it? There's nothing inherently good or evil about money itself. It's how we use it that counts. But there is certainly no argument that money is important.

Just to be completely clear, what I'm defining as money is those green pieces of paper or circles of metal or credits that show up in your bank account or on your debit cards. Money is simply a method we use to exchange goods and services.

Our world revolves around money as the primary method of exchange.  There’s really not much variation of that rule on planet Earth, at least for now. So it only makes sense that if you’re going to enjoy a great life, you will need lots of experiences... travel...good, healthy food...a comfortable place to live...and other things to make your journey more fun and comfortable. And you will need to fill your heart by giving back to others and sharing what you can to make this world a better place.

And for all that you will need...MONEY!

Think about this once again, you will "feel" the truth in it -- the more money you have, the more you can experience, therefore, the more you can grow as a person AND the more you can give back! That makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

"Since the dawning of mankind, great spiritual masters have taught the same basic lesson: Abundance is our birthright.  The only reason we don’t experience the wealth we yearn for is because we don’t know how to receive it.  Today, there are countless gurus offering expensive and complicated courses to say the same thing.  The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D. Wattles, updated and modernized by Jeffrey Howard, cuts through the complex to provide a clear, simple, and absurdly affordable blueprint for changing your thinking to change your life.  It may be the only guide you’ll ever need." ~ Dale H., Phoenix, Arizona


Even if you're like me and you've studied EVERYTHING you can get your hands on in the world of self-improvement and personal's important to get this idea:

This new version of The Science of Getting Rich is different -- very different. 

It's a simple and concise formula for creating your life with mathematical precision.  It gets right to the point and explains in very simple terms a formula for creating whatever you want to experience in your own life.  It’s truly an amazing and inspired piece of work. 

Here’s another quote from Chapter 2 of The Science of Getting Rich:

"There is a Science of Getting Rich and it is an exact science, like algebra or arithmetic.  There are certain laws which govern the process of acquiring riches and once these laws are learned and obeyed by anyone, that person will get rich with mathematical certainty."

Let me emphasize that once again: "...with mathematical certainty." Absorb that idea for a moment. Two plus Two Equals Four...ALWAYS, every time. It doesn't ever equal 5, does it? That's a mathematical certainty.

Imagine your world as you apply that same mathematical formula to your own LIFE and EXPERIENCE.

This incredible piece of wisdom was first published by Wallace D. Wattles in 1910 but its deep inherent truth is as valid today as the day it was written. In fact, its core concepts are part of the fabric of how the Universe really operates.

This book is nearly 100 years old yet still carries with it the master formula for success.  That’s because these essential laws never change. 

And here are some comments from others who have read or listened to my updated version of
The Science of Getting Rich:

“After struggling all my life and nearly giving up on success, I discovered that my problem wasn't so much what I was or wasn't doing but how I was thinking. This new and updated version of The Science of Getting Rich changed how I thought about success in my life and helped me find it.  I'm confident that anyone who reads and honestly applies its contents will find success.  That's what I did and it is working for me!" ~ Greg M., Salt Lake City, Utah - Entrepreneur/Online Marketing Expert/Web Designer

"I am absolutely thrilled and as proud as I can be that I was able to be the one to originally share this inspiring work with my friend Jeffrey Howard a few years ago.  The message of The Science of Getting Rich is timeless and as valid today as when it was originally published in 1910.  Nonetheless, Jeff has done an outstanding job of updating the book with modern language and references while still keeping the purity of the original piece.  Adding the audio program to the book is not only a brilliant work in itself but hearing it in audio form really allows its powerful message and music to enter your psyche and begin to work its magic while you listen over and over again.  I didn’t think this material could be improved but Jeff has certainly taken it to a new level." ~ Kayle C., Salt Lake City, Utah - Author/Speaker/Investor

The very first time I read this book, I knew everything was going to be different...

There was only one problem.  Even though my immediate reaction to this mind-blowingly simple system was to start right away to use it to create the life I wanted, I also wanted to do more for others…and I felt deeply compelled to share this material...

The message in this book was so strong -- but there was still something missing.  Then it dawned on me why I felt that way...

The Science of Getting Rich was first published in 1910 – back in a time when language was a bit more formal, and all the business references were from the industrial age -- when things we take for granted today, like electric lights and automobiles were just being introduced to the general public.

The book seemed to be screaming for an update…because more people really needed to understand the power in this information more clearly.

After reading it through one more time (it only took a couple of hours the first time) I clearly realized how I could keep the basic concepts and system in place, but just tweak it a little...modernize it...give it a little facelift and language update to bring this important, life-changing writing into the fast-moving super-charged information age of the 21st Century. 

So, here’s what I did…first, I followed the formula in the book exactly.  I virtually engraved on my brain a clear picture of a livelier, more modern and far-reaching version of The Science of Getting Rich book and an Audio Program to go along with it. 

And then…I took action and got started (another crucial part of the formula)...

I updated and edited the book and then I went into my studio and recorded the entire program on audio so I could get it out to my friends and family members quickly and easily (and so they could not only read it, but also listen to it in their cars...a place I like to call "Drivetime University")

Originally, my only intention was to make sure my own "inner circle" got this information in their hands as quickly as possible...I had no intention of selling it. So, I dropped a piece of music onto the front and back end of the audio program just to give it a little extra punch. That music piece happened to be a Van Halen song called "Dreams" that I thought would be a good fit to set the mood. I'm only sharing this because it becomes very relevant to the rest of the story...

With my new modernized version of The Science of Getting Rich completed, I set out to give it to everyone I knew...I just gave it away as a gift.

But then something crazy happened...I gave it to quite a few people and they began to put the system to work for themselves. And they started getting astounding results too! (remember: "with mathematical certainty"). I got great feedback about the results my friends were getting. New jobs, pay raises, upgrades to their houses or even new houses, and perfect new relationships or massive improvement to their current fact, the only feedback I received that wasn't 100% positive was a few people commenting that I talked a little too fast in parts of the audio portion of the book. I could live with that...after all, it was only an experiment anyway, right?, I was giving it away.

And after a few months of my friends experiencing the same types of dramatic results that I had seen in my own life, quite a few people came back to me and asked if they could purchase copies of the program for their friends and family members.

My first response was: "Oh sure, of course...that would be great!"

But then it dawned on me...."Oh, no! I can't do that...I can't sell the program with that Van Halen music on there...that's copyright infringement to use their music without their permission and I won't ever do that."

Evidence was mounting at this point that this system could change the world if it was put into the right hands on a larger was already changing people's lives on an individual level.

But in the right hands...Like your hands...And the hands of others just like you (and me) whose motives are pure....we could create miracles.

Can you imagine a world full of people with the right motivation putting a system this powerful into action every single day of their lives? What an amazing legacy we could leave with this new path that not only empowers us individually but that we can share with others so they can follow it too!

It was obvious I needed to take this program one step further...The Science of Getting Rich was going to go global and I had to move quickly to make some changes to assure that happened...

Could Music and Sound make all the difference?

As a musician for my entire life, I learned long ago about the deep and intense power of sound and music. You know how music can make you feel...happy, empowered, sexy, motivated, sad, can connect musically with virtually any emotion or state of mind that you can imagine.

For several years, I had been experimenting with a process that I now call MasterMind Enhancement MusicTM to help put people into the right state of mind for learning, or relaxation or...well, you name it...virtually any mental or emotional state. I had discovered for myself that music and sound also had a profound affect on the ability to retain and process information better, particulary in personal development materials.

Obviously, I had to take out the Van Halen song if I wanted to be able to mass produce this product, so I sat down in the studio once again and composed a specific piece of music to place at the beginning and the end of the program. This special piece of music is short but powerfully effective in helping to really connect your brain with the information you're about to experience.

I added this new piece of MasterMind Enhancement MusicTM to the program and then, just as a test, before pushing it out to the general public, I sent it back to three of my friends who had previously made the comment that I had been talking a little bit fast in the original recording.

Now, keep in mind that the ONLY thing I had changed in this new version was adding the MasterMind Enhancement MusicTM piece to the beginning and end of the audio. I did not re-record the narration, I didn't edit anything or slow down the speaking, I just added the music piece.

Well, a few days after sending newly enhanced audio program out to my three friends, I heard back from each of them...and TO MY SHOCK AND AMAZEMENT, each one of them made the exact same comment:

"That music really ties the whole thing together...oh, AND I'M SO GLAD YOU SLOWED DOWN YOUR VOICE in the recording..."

I was literally on the floor, blown away that this little piece of music had (among other things) given the perception that I had actually re-recorded the narration tracks! But I hadn't done anything except to add this one little piece of MasterMind Enhancement MusicTM to the program. How's that for a testament to the Power of Sound and Music?

Click the Play Button on the Audio Player below to listen to a sample from the introduction to
The Science of Getting Rich with the MasterMind Enhancement MusicTM experience.

This text will be replaced by the flash music player.

So, with the new music in place, this new version of The Science of Getting Rich was complete and the improved, 21st Century update of what many consider to be the bible for creating the life you really want is now available to you...

Since making these updates and improvements, I'm happy to say that this custom, newly-updated e-Book alone has sold for as much as $47.  And the CD version with the MasterMind Enhancement MusicTM has flown off the shelves of our fulfillment warehouse at $97...but I'd like to make you a special offer today so you can put this system to work in your own life and start right away...TODAY.

The Science of Getting Rich package


Instead of waiting around for shipping, wouldn't it be great if you could get access to this information now? Why wait? After all, modern technology and the Internet is pretty amazing these days and everything happens at light-speed, including your ability to access information! 

When you want something, you want it now, right? Instant gratification, right?

We all want it right now...yesterday...bring it on! 

So, I have transformed this entire package for you, including the book and the two CD audios
into an INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOAD with the e-book and all the MP3 audio files
so you can have yours, RIGHT NOW!

EASY DOWNLOAD -- I'll make it super-easy for you to grab these files, so you don't even have to worry if you're not a computer whiz. There are very simple and easy instructions for fact, I've even made you a quick video showing you exactly how to do it, so you can have this material on your computer and you're ready to put it into action immediately.

That means that about two hours from now, you will actually have finished your first read (or listen, or both) of this material and be putting it to use!

I'm sure you’re as excited now as I was when I first got to experience this life-changing information.

So, my friend, now that modern technology has made it possible for you to experience INSTANT GRATIFICATION -- Your Wish Is My Command!

If you’ll hurry and order the program right now while it’s still on your mind, I’m going to give you BOTH the Complete Audio program (Over 20 tracks on two hours of audio programming), in digitally downloadable MP3 files AND the full and Complete e-Book version of The Science of Getting Rich for a dramatically reduced price of only $47.  That’s a $144 value for only $47 -- over 60% OFF! 

And I'm not going to stop there...a few of my friends and I have decided that we would love to give you (for FREE) a few more extra bonuses that will dramatically enhance and accelerate your experience of success with The Science of Getting Rich material...

In fact, I'm going it even one step further. Some people are going through tough timesright may be having financial challenges yourself. Because this program is so important rihgt now and can change so may lives -- because I want to make it as accessible to you as possible -- I'm going to knock another $20 off the price and give you entire package for just $27...but I would ask you to do one thing for me. When this works for you, tell someone about it...tell ten people about fact, tell everyone you know...

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And these are no ordinary bonuses...

We've put together an entire PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT TOOLBOX of bonuses, amazingly powerful tools and breakthrough knowledge that will have you blowing past anything blocking you from having the life you really want...

Just take a quick look at what you're going to receive, FOR FREE, just for clicking on the Add to Cart button below and taking advantage of this already crazy offer...


The Science of Getting Rich
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Seven Days to Success
Success Guide and Audio Coaching Program
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The complete integrative system for putting the Law of Attraction into Action in your life today. 

  • Comprehensive workbook and audio program
  • Step-by-step, day-by-day system for attracting exactly what you want into your life. 
  • Simple, yet powerful 7-day system for establishing the foundation to create your Ultimate Dream Life using the Law of Attraction.
  • Each day builds upon the next so that at the end of the first 7 days, you have a built a new custom system for yourself that you can then use to change your life in whatever way you choose. 

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The Science of Getting Rich
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Law of Attraction Self-Hypnosis/Reprogramming Audio
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Audible and Subliminal Versions
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  • Program empowering "Attraction" affirmations and hypnotic commands into your conscious and subconscious mind
  • Play in the background while you work, play or use during meditation.
  • Experience an immediate shift within minutes of your first experience with this powerful music/affirmation piece

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The Science of Getting Rich
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Tapping Into Your Prosperity
EFT Tapping Coaching Audio Series
with EFT Tapping Expert Margaret Lynch ($97 value)

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Expand on the entire program by using this simple tapping technique to break through any barriers, limiting beliefs and blocks to your success! 

  • Margaret guides you through an introduction to EFT Tapping
  • Three separate "tap-along" programs to break through to the most common barriers to success
  • Master a simple, fast technique to shed any feelings of doubt about your success
  • Program yourself with the clear understanding and belief that there is abundance everywhere and scarcity cannot exist
  • Install a new sense of Gratitude for your impending success
  • Custom tailored for The Science of Getting Rich program
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The Science of Getting Rich
Personal Empowerment Toolbox BONUS #4

Accelerator for SuccessTM
Prosperity Principles
Experiential Companion Guidebook
for The Science of Getting Rich

by Personal Development Trainer Bill Covert ($47 value)

Bill Covert image

Use this unique Experiential Guidebook to take action that will really anchor your success with the concepts of The Science of Getting Rich! 

  • Comprehensive guidebook to help you bring clarity to your action plan
  • Simple, short and brilliant exercises to empower you to stay on track
  • Organize your plan to fast-track your way to your desired end result
  • Challenge your "comfort zone" as you continue to grow and move forward with the teaching of The Science of Getting Rich

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The Science of Getting Rich
Personal Empowerment Toolbox BONUS #5

The Tapping SolutionTM presents:
The Master Key to Attraction Success - Congruence

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Learn one of the vital elements of consistent attraction success
with one of the foremost experts on getting and staying CONGRUENT! 

  • Learn how matching your thoughts, feelings and desires is the key to success.
  • Discover the primary areas that create self-sabotage and how to correct them.
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