A little about my journey...

I have always been fascinated with and inspired by the concept of The Renaissance Man (or woman).

Leonardo DaVinci was the consummate Renaissance Man; a sculptor, painter, musician, mathematician, scientist, inventor, composer… and just all-around brilliant dude!I have always been fascinated with the concept of The Renaissance Man (or woman). Leonardo DaVinci was the consummate Renaissance Man; a sculptor, painter, musician, mathematician, scientist, inventor, composer… and just all-around brilliant dude!

While I am no DaVinci, starting at a very young age, I found myself drawn to a wide variety of activities from music to writing, sports/fitness to marketing, persuasion and influence (especially over our own minds and bodies)…I have found ways to integrate all those in my life…I think we all do on some level whether intentionally or just by osmosis. Of course, at the core of everything, I have always been fascinated with entrepreneurship…from selling greeting cards and having a newspaper route as a kid, to the multifaceted business that I have evolved into today.

I have been fortunate to have lived a Renaissance Man styled life as a rock musician, singer and songwriter, music producer, author, speaker, photographer, chef, paralegal, entrepreneur, business coach and researcher/practitioner of all things relating to human potential and peak performance, which led to my deep dive into becoming a biohacker and neurohacker (experimenting with all things relating to being human, ultimately leading to your own version of becoming SUPERHUMAN!).

Yeah, I’m pretty much a mega-nerd when it comes to being diverse and understanding the craft of peak performance. And it is a craft… it is an experiment, a series of life hacks and practices…and failure is an everyday part of the process.

So, if you have failed (and especially if you’ve learned amazing things from your failures), then you are most definitely in the right place!

But why in the world should you care about ME or what my life path has been?

Well, if you’re an entrepreneur ready to move your business into a new space, or if you have been incubating an idea that is ready to hatch, or if you’re just dying to escape your soul-sucking job working for someone else to take your passion project out into the world, I can show you how to do that BETTER… by being the best YOU that you can imagine… using simple steps, tools, strategies and HACKS that will maximize your time, show you an energy level you may never have experienced before and do it all with HALF THE EFFORT!


But there is one catch…
YOU have to be committed to the process and willing to take the action…

...but if you’re still here and you’ve read this far I suspect you already know that and you’re just looking for that kick in the butt to execute on the plan that is going to take your life, and your business, to the next level… maybe even skip over a few levels and lessons and make that Quantum Leap that you’ve been imagining.

My Core Personal and Business Philosophy (in a nutshell)

Train for Peak Physical and Mental Performance

I’m not necessarily talking about running marathons, or doing triathlons or becoming a body-builder (unless that’s your thing). What I mean is staying active and putting the right things in your body and in your mind. I mean pushing yourself past your comfort zone… constantly… I mean practicing awareness in every area of your life… I mean learning new things every day… and I mean being the Lead Scientist in your own Life Experiment… just to name a few things… there are more…

Practice Solid Routines for Success

It is a fact that we are a product of our habits. Most of us are locked into unproductive and unhealthy habits. Even if you are already aware and on the path to Peak Performance, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re still letting things sneak into your life that are derailing your processes. (Guess how I know that?) Practicing a solid Morning Routine is vital to success…

Automate, Delegate and Outsource to Achieve Time Freedom

My #1 goal in life is freedom…mostly TIME FREEDOM. But financial freedom creates time freedom. But if you are chained to your J.O.B. or the Chief Cook as well as the Dishwasher in your business, your freedom goes right out the window. Learn to do what you do well (that also generates income) and focus 80% of your time on that. (Remember: The Pareto Principle, or the “80-20 Rule”)

Create Multiple Streams of Income (MSI)

Virtually every successful person, millionaire or billionaire in the world has an average of seven income streams. We now live in a world economy that is constantly evolving… literally… constantly.  Since the time you started reading this, Google and Facebook have already updated their algorithms, and someone just lost their job because of automation, outsourcing, artificial intelligence or some other form of automation. I have been an entrepreneur in some form since I was a kid and haven’t had a J.O.B. since 1996. I have been involved with dozens of businesses, online and offline, from coaching to e-commerce to network marketing and direct selling.Creating multiple streams of income (ideally as many PASSIVE forms of income as possible) means that you are not reliant on a single income source, a job or other company for your livelihood. It is also your only sure path to financial and time freedom. In my opinion, it is also the ONLY safe place in today’s economy. I coach my clients (and I am also striving toward) something I call “7×7” (Seven by Seven), which basically means having SEVEN separate income streams each of which meets your core monthly expenses. Some will come from your core business, others from associated businesses. The choice is yours but the strategy is a necessity.

Dream Big but ACT Bigger!

Entrepreneurs are dreamers by their very nature. Unfortunately, too many big thinkers, dreamers and entrepreneurs get sidetracked by details, or naysayers, or the “that will never work” squawkers” who theoretically mean well while they hammer your hopes and dreams into dust. Sometimes, those thoughts come from right inside our own heads. The single most effective way to overcome the constant bombardment we get from both internal and external sources is to TAKE ACTION and do it quickly. When you get the inspiration, start moving, start mapping, start bringing your idea to life. The faster you can get something going, the sooner you and determine if it is going to be viable, profitable, pleasurable or whatever your desired outcome is. Massive Action beats out planning and perfection every time. Completion is Better than Perfection!

Relationships and Integrity Are More Important Than Money

In my experience, while money is awesome and you should always push for more money to create more experiences so you can do more good in the world, you should never do anything for money…at least not just for the money. Don’t trade your relationships for money. Don’t trade your integrity for money. When you focus on doing what you love, doing what is good for your community as well as yourself, then you are raising the vibration of everything around you. Do your best and the best will come

Be Present.

Worry Is Just Inviting Future Events That Haven’t Even Happened Into Your Present Moment. Hey, let’s face it… the world is a crazy place these days, but if we spend our precious time worrying about what “might be” instead of “what is” then we’re wasting a whole lot of our imagination. If you’re going to spend time on future events at all, imagine the future that you really want to create. Imagine the life you really choose to live. And bring THAT into the present.



physical performance, health and wellness



sharpen your skills, feed your mind, work smarter, not harder



without energy, nothing else works



your outlet to express yourself in the world



do I really need to explain? Better sex is awesome in so many areas, but it has great benefits to the body, mind and energy as well.



the cornerstone of your ability to balance everything else in your life and business.


Financial Stability

we live in a world that requires money to experience cool things… regardless of your feelings about money, you need it to survive and with more of it, you can thrive.

The Journey So Far -
A Short Version of a Long Story

(in case you’re interested...and I won’t be offended if you’re not!)

As you get older, your life journey starts to make more sense (if you’ve been paying attention) and you can begin to see how the pieces all start to fit together, even though you may have doubted or questioned why you had a particular experience (or series of patterned experiences).

You may or may not be interested in my journey, but I have found that the people I most connect with in my work (and personally) see synchronicities and commonality in our life experiences… so here’s a short synopsis of what (at the time of this writing – August 2019) has been nearly 60 passes around the Sun.

I was born in the midwest into a middle-class family. My Dad was a veterinarian and my mom was a homemaker. I was the oldest of two boys. My brother Andy was almost 5 years younger than me. After my Dad graduated from the University of Missouri, he decided to join the Army so we could see the world… so we ended up living in Germany for three years, which for a kid growing up in the late-60s was a really amazing experience. We got to travel all over Europe and I enjoyed seeing all the sights and learning about the history. It was also a great place to be sheltered from the chaos happening in the U.S. at the time around civil rights and the Vietnam war. There wasn’t much TV and the one station that we did have didn’t come on until the late afternoon and went off at around 10 PM.

I spent a lot of time outside, hanging out with friends, enjoying life, playing with my little brother Andy and creating our own games, and living in our own world. It was an amazing time. It was in one of our German babysitters’ music store (their family business) that I fell in love with music, both listening and playing instruments in the shop…and that started me in another important direction of my life’s course…more on that later.

After Germany, we moved back to Missouri for a couple of years… and we spent that first summer living with my paternal grandparents, with whom I had always had a very special and close relationship. That summer, I remember watching the Apollo 11 moon landing with my grandfather who had taken off work to watch it in the middle of the day. I also started playing “formally” guitar that summer on an old Harmony acoustic my grandfather had in the attic. The action was high and it nearly made my 9-year old fingers bleed to practice on it but I pushed through because I just loved the guitar.

Another fond memory of that summer living with my grandparents was taking long walks with my grandfather. He used to call it “walking the meanness out of me”… not that I was “mean”… just very high-spirited (probably what we would call ADD in modern terms) and that was just his way of balancing that energy. I attribute my lifetime love of walking and hiking to having those walks with my grandfather. And he also gave me that Harmony acoustic guitar so that was officially my first guitar and he may be directly responsible for the music career I was able to enjoy starting a few years later.

My family and Missouri didn’t really get along well. I don’t know why… I think it was just because we were a little more progressive than the rest of our family (and the Missouri culture in general) So one day, my Dad asked me how I would feel about moving to Colorado. I didn’t know much about Colorado but had this vision of the Wild Wild West and it sounded exciting to me. Anything had to be better than Missouri in my mind. It turns out he had decided to buy a veterinary house call practice in Boulder, Colorado and off we went on the next phase of our life adventure. I was 11 and growing up in Boulder in the 70’s probably the best possible place I could have been.

Full of life and energy, Boulder was a hotbed of music, creativity of all sorts and a culture that seemed to fit perfectly who I needed to be as a preteen and teenager. Music became center-stage in my life during that time and by high school, I knew exactly where I wanted to be in the world: ROCK STAR! There was no other option!

I did well in school and by my senior year had been accepted to every college and university I applied to, but I wasn’t motivated to go to school again. It was a source of contention in my family because pretty everyone from my Dad’s generation down through my cousins were going to college. I didn’t want to let my parents down, but at the same time, the feeling was so strong, I couldn’t deny it…

But then came perhaps the most significant turning point in my life. It was 1978 and I experienced a series of events that would change everything…forever…

It was one month before I graduated high school when my friend Mario was killed in a solo car accident. I had been with him that evening, it was raining and I asked him not to drive…. “Come stay at my house…don’t drive on those bald tires all the way out to Longmont!” But my stubborn friend chose to drive, lost control at a high speed and wrapped his car around a light pole. I found out early on Monday morning when I walked into school. I remember thinking “How could everyone know this and no one called me?” I was in shock. Everyone was in shock.

But it didn’t end there… about two months later, another good friend Tim, one of two twin brothers who were part of our crowd died in a freak accident when he fell while “sparring” in the front yard. We had all been in Tae Kwon Do together at various times. The freaky part was that apparently he had broken his neck when he fell but didn’t die until he went to sleep on a couch, relaxed his neck and severed his spinal cord. It was crazy! Two of my best friends, gone in only two months time. Right when I graduated high school.

Hard to believe, right? Yeah, well… Stay tuned…

The worst was yet to come because in September, two months later, I lost my only sibling, Andy, to a freakish malpractice incident as a result of a botched minor surgery. Two of my best friends, and my brother in only four months time, starting just a month before I graduated high school.

By this time, I can only say that I must have been in shock. Barely enough time to acknowledge, let alone process, the previous two deaths of friends very close to me, and now my only sibling was gone. My parents were devasted. I was trying my best to be there for them. There is probably nothing worse than losing a child. But I was… cold… I felt dead inside. I barely felt any emotion at all…

But what happened next literally changed my entire belief system and opened me up to a world that I was never able to acknowledge existing before…

A few days after my brother’s passing, I had a significant paranormal experience involving a visitation by him. It was vivid, real and involved actually physical movement of certain pieces in my room that assured me that the experience was quite real, with nothing imagined at all. Ask me about it over a glass of wine and I’ll tell you the whole story but this isn’t meant to be a memoire, just a background to help you get to know me about me if you choose to.

Suffice to say that this experience opened up my mind to metaphysical experiences, opened memories of similar experiences I had throughout my life and childhood and changed the trajectory of how I did everything. The most important gift I came away with is that I have not been afraid of dying since that day… and that sometimes, what seems like the worst possible experience can turn into an amazing opening that evolves you to a whole new level. That’s what happened to me as a result of that experience.

Needless to say, after all that, I certainly wasn’t ready to dive back into four years of college so I opted to “take the show on the road”…literally. Worked in a few different cover song bar bands (occasionally sneaking in an original or two) and travelled all over the Western U.S. playing four or five sets a night in clubs. From dive bars in Alliance, Nebraska to double stage concert clubs in Texas to full-blown concert openings gigs in big midwestern clubs, I was a road dog for about four years after high school. While it was fun, being on the road in that environment can be a burnout and it certainly wasn’t moving me any closer to being a rock star! And that was the goal… I was writing my own music since I was about 12, got pretty serious about it in high school and then spent most of my “in between gigs” time writing new music, but I didn’t really have the outlet for my original music… so after some prodding from my Dad, I ended up going back to school, getting a degree in Photography and Design from Colorado Institute of Art in Denver.

While in school, I entered a couple of songs into the Boulder Music Invitational sponsored by KBCO radio and ended up having both songs placing in the contest, which gave me my first “official” radio airplay… and that was the bug that got me back on the music path… but I was still in photography school and needed to finish… which I did, started my photography business halfway through finishing school, which gave me a more flexible schedule than working a regular “day job” and I started looking around Denver for some musicians to get an original band together.

Denver didn’t have much of an original music scene but I ran across a producer who was working with a band called Desperate Angel and was looking for a guitarist. I jumped at the opportunity to audition…and so did another guitarist from Fort Collins… as it turned out, neither of us got the gig because the band imploded before they really got off the ground, BUT…

I hit it off well with the other guitarist who had auditioned (R.S. Scott) and we ended up working together with the producer (who owned the name Desperate Angel) and started raising money to record a demo, which actually turned into an album of material. In 1985, we released a promotional 33 rpm white vinyl single of the two best songs on the record.

Always the promoter, I started working with local press to get our name out everywhere we could, even shaking things up with some controversy from time to time, which led us to doing two major sold-out gigs in Denver…one on Memorial Day and one on Labor Day…but we knew that Los Angeles was our destination and after that second gig, we just packed up the truck and headed to L.A. 

I hit it off well with the other guitarist who had auditioned (R.S. Scott) and we ended up working together with the producer (who owned the name Desperate Angel) and started raising money to record a demo, which actually turned into an album of material. In 1985, we released a promotional 33 rpm white vinyl single of the two best songs on the record.

Always the promoter, I started working with local press to get our name out everywhere we could, even shaking things up with some controversy from time to time, which led us to doing two major sold-out gigs in Denver…one on Memorial Day and one on Labor Day…but we knew that Los Angeles was our destination and after that second gig, we just packed up the truck and headed to L.A. 

I was the lead guitarist, eventually the lead singer, keyboard player, producer, main songwriter and pretty much the manager and promoter of the band so eventually I went solo and was finally offered a development deal with a major label… but it wasn’t in the cards for me then… WHY?

Well, I left out the part earlier about going to LA just married with a pregnant wife and by now had my son, Zack was nearly four years old. His mom and I had separated, eventually divorced and then when she started having some major challenges in her life… I had to make a command decision… music career or parenting… and duh, not much of a choice.

I decided to put out the record anyway (The Passion, 1990), through independent distribution and while working and raising my son, managed to get some radio play going and sold quite a few albums…probably making more money than I would have with the half-assed support I would likely have gotten from the label… and it was WAY more satisfying.

Most of the time I had been working the LA circuit, I was also working in the legal field as a paralegal, so I got the best “day job” I could and worked on raising my son (and teaching him about music), while still recording (I’ve always had a studio in the house) and also started a new business in the network marketing industry… and a whole new entrepreneurial path was born. 


Long story short on the direct selling path, I ended up making a 6-figure income with that company and have been involved with numerous other direct selling companies since, earning 6-figures or multiple 6-figures in several and always enjoying the learning, personal development and education I garnered in that industry. In fact, that’s ultimately what led me into coaching and started MasterMind Mentor International… I was already coaching, I just wasn’t getting paid for it, so I worked out the business model to change that as soon as the industry started emerging.

So, for the past 23+ years, I have not worked for anyone else, have owned (and still do) multiple businesses, both online and offline, and continue to upgrade my education, technology and systems, as well as education in wellness and peak performance to stay current with the latest strategies so I can provide the highest level of service possible to my clients and team members.


I still play and write music all the time, and am going to release another record or two in the near future, so stay tuned for that! (Remember what I said about creativity)… and have several books in the works, including one, The Science of Getting Rich, already on Amazon and Audible versions.

I married again and had three more sons, but that marriage was not meant to be in the long run, so I mostly had the “single Dad” experience with them as well. They are all unique and amazing in their own ways. Creative and colorful… and a joy to be around. The are all fine young men and I am so proud of them.

I’m engaged to be married again as I approach my 60th year…and looking forward to the next phase of that journey with the love of my life! (She has four girls, by the way…crazy synchronicity!)

Looking back over the journey, I would not have traded it for anything… not one experience, not one bad gig, not one failed business, not one failed relationship… because they have all led me to right where I am today and I am thrilled with the direction my life has taken. 

I love being able to help people to raise the bar for themselves and become the person they really want to be… and then realize that they can still be more because the process is an ongoing evolution and experiment.

And seriously, if you’ve come this far, you and I are surely going to chat soon…and the first thing I’m going to talk to you about is Time Mastery because you’ve spent a long time reading my encapsulated life story here! Hopefully, you found it a worthwhile read and surely, we must be kindred spirits or you would not possibly have read this much.

So look around the web site, and come back often because like life, it is a constantly evolving project. We’re always up to something new and cool around here!

Thanks for your time…and thanks for visiting.

I look forward to connecting with you personally soon!

Wishing you all the best in all you pursue!



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