In a perfect world

In a perfect world, technology would support you in
consciously creating your intentional future…

In a perfect world, personal development programs would be portable, simple and create deep, lasting change…

In a perfect world, you could create and MasterMind your own new reality…

Welcome to a Perfect World…

From the Desk of Jeffrey Howard


Dear Friend,

After nearly 30 years studying, working and playing in the personal development field, it doesn’t often happen that something comes along that really gets my attention. I’m talking about something that is tremendously beneficial.

I’ve intently studied and practiced the Law of Attraction, spirituality, meditation, and a plethora of “ancient” teachings…and on the other side, I’ve delved deeply into brainwave technology, learning empowerment, memory programs, and virtually every brilliant “new” idea that has come along during that time.

So, I’ve been both on the “woo-woo” side of personal development and on the bleeding-edge of technology and research breakthroughs…always looking for a better way to help you (and me) to become the very best we can be….and seeking out a more empowering method to build the bridge from where you are to where you want to be…faster, more effectively, and most importantly, to actually MAKE IT STICK.

Imagine THAT for a minute…

Finally, REALLY experiencing the dramatic and lasting changes in your life that you’ve always envisioned…and then having those shifts stay with you over time…

Because, seriously, what’s the point of doing all the work if the information…or the feeling…or the empowerment…or the motivation…just fades away in a few days or a few weeks or even a few months?

Surely, there must be SOMETHING that can help MOST people create lasting change in their lives, right?

Think about the amazing and powerful things you could accomplish if you had your own portable, personal, simple-to-use “mentor” that was available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Well, it’s been a long time since I experienced anything new that really opened my eyes to possibilities…or more accurately, opened my MIND to a completely different way of learning and reprogramming inner belief systems…a whole new way of experiencing life.

But that time has come…and the timing couldn’t be better.

Let’s face it…we live in fast times…

Some might say we live in crazy times…

Still others might say we live in hard times…

But I say “We live in AMAZING times…”

And I feel incredibly blessed every single day at all the choices we have in our fast-moving, technology-driven society…and yet, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t experiencing our share of challenges…

And now, more than ever before in human history, it’s vital that we RISE to meet those challenges successfully, with every bit of power available to us, rather than letting those obstacles push us down until we feel like we’re smothered by the stress and mired in the sheer busy-ness of our lives.

What if you had a tool — a technology that you could just plug into — any time you wanted — to create change quickly and effortlessly?

  • What if you could finally get a handle on your stress load?
  • Or you could lose that weight that you’ve been dying to take off for so long?
  • Or you were able to finally quit smoking?
  • Or you could increase your memory and learning retention beyond anything you can even imagine right now?
  • Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn to go very deep into meditation…
  • Perhaps you’ve been struggling with insomnia and really just want a good night’s sleep…
  • Or maybe, just maybe there’s something else you’ve really wanted to do with your life but were afraid to take that step into your own passion, purpose and vision…

Well, now you CAN create your own new reality…and begin your new life!

(You always could, actually…but it was never quite this simple before…)

You may be scoffing and skeptical right now.

You could be saying “I don’t believe it!”.

I wouldn’t blame you.

After all, how many times have you been disappointed after hearing the promises from all the different programs insisting that THIS is the real deal…the holy grail…the last thing you’ll ever need?

Dozens? Hundreds? Thousands? Yeah, me too.

Let’s be fair, though. After buying and trying literally hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of personal development books, CDs, DVDs, online programs, seminars, workshops and retreats over the past 30 years or so…I really HAVE seen massive improvement in my life over time…but it hasn’t always been easy to get there. I’ve practiced, and practiced and studied and learned and taught…

But it’s really what I’ve observed in a lot of other people that has caused me to want to pull my hair out. I find it very frustrating to see so many people who so desperately want to create those positive changes having so much trouble staying on track. I’ve always been surprised that I have not witnessed more consistent change taking place with MOST people.

Many people? Yes, definitely! But MOST? No, not hardly. In fact, not even close…and do you know why? I think I’ve figured it out.

In my experience as a personal development coach, I’ve seen the same thing over and over.

Most people are not willing to do what it takes to create the new habits that develop lasting change. It takes work and most people literally CAN’T do it without some help…but there’s even more to it than that…

You’ve probably been there yourself…let’s check in with your own habits and history…and find out…

Can you remember a time that you got all fired up and motivated, purchased an expensive (or maybe even not-so-expensive) personal development program, or marketing program, or sales training, or any other kind of improvement program with all the excitement and enthusiasm of a kid dashing into the living room to look under the tree on Christmas morning, only to put it off for a couple of days after you got it…then a couple of more days…then a week, then a month…then…it’s sitting on your shelf collecting dust still in the shrink-wrapped plastic cover?

So, you end up kicking yourself, saying “never again” until you find yourself in the same situation the next time you get fired up about the next big program. But you do again and again because in your heart of hearts, you’re still longing for that change…that lasting change. It’s frustrating! And it makes you feel like somebody’s not telling you the whole truth!

Well, it’s about time to take back what’s rightfully yours and reclaim what got you so motivated to buy these programs in the first place…after all, it’s not the fault of the programs, right? After all, you already know that the programs will help. But, what is it doing still in the wrapper?

Around here, we call all those dust collectors “Shelf Help”! And quite frankly, we’ve had enough of Shelf Help! Haven’t you?

In fact, we have a motto, a goal, a mission…and we won’t stop until we achieve it…NO SHELF HELP!

Our mission is to help you take the steps necessary to make those lasting changes and provide you with every possible tool available to achieve that goal.

Well, what if we could help you to actually jump in and renew your enthusiasm about those programs that ARE still sitting on your shelf? Or the programs you’ve already done?

AND you could absorb and apply all that powerful information that got you so excited while you open your mind, enhance your memory and retain more of the tools and techniques you’ll learn in the programs you already own.

We’ve just discovered an effective, simple way to overcome this long,
excruciating internal battle with personal development…
and make it a pleasant journey in the process.

It’s called the MasterMind Mentor™ Personal Achievement Device…or the PAD, for short. Whether you look at it as a Launching PAD or a Landing PAD, you’re going to want to experience this PAD every day so you can make the changes that you have so longed to create in your life.

And we’ve recently created a very important strategic alliance with the folks at New Reality™ — the inventors and producers of this brilliantly effective technology — and now we’re ready to share the first stage of that alliance with you.

We’re going load up your PAD with some of the most powerful personal development materials we’ve ever experienced and get them out into the world — into YOUR hands — so you can FINALLY start seeing the dramatic and lasting changes you’ve always envisioned for yourself…

Imagine, in just a matter of minutes, being able to:

  • Dramatically reduce your stress levels
  • Increase your focus and attention
  • Reach deeper states of meditation
  • More rapidly learn and retain complex information
  • Fall into a state of deep sleep and sleep through the night
  • Reduce or eliminate food cravings, addictions, and other bad habits that no longer support you
  • Increase your memory
  • …and much more…

So, what is this MasterMind Mentor™ Personal Achievement Device (PAD)?

The “not-so-simple explanation” goes something like this: The MasterMind Mentor™ PAD is a combination of cutting-edge sound technology synchronized and blended with light therapy. The system adds this technology to recorded voice and music pieces that we call Creative Visualization Relaxation (CVR™) processes. This allows you to synchronize both hemispheres of the brain to the proper wave frequency for particular mental, emotional, physical, and even spiritual states.

Put much more simply…the PAD allows you to quickly move into deep states of meditation or high states of awareness and focus, by putting on a pair of cool-looking sunglasses and some great-sounding headphones, as you listen to specially-designed, patent-pending programs while soft, relaxing blue LED lights flash comfortably behind your closed eyelids.

That’s it…in just a few minutes you can reach the necessary brainwave state to function at very high levels, using a simple, relaxing, enjoyable process. Just put it on, kick back and relax for 20 minutes and “poof”…, almost like magic (but it’s actually technology), you’re there!

Look at it…

It’s like an “MP3 Player for the Brain” — a “plug and play” system to put you in the right mindset you need for virtually any situation, from education to relaxation…from meditation to peak performance…it’s all right there at your fingertips.

Just pick your program, put on the glasses and headphones and you’re off to your own personal adventure into the inner landscapes of your mind.

Enhance your memory? Reduce your stress? Tap into your inner wealth consciousness? Support your weight loss goals? There are programs for all this and many more…with new programs being released every week.

The PAD is hand-held and portable and operates on internal, rechargeable batteries, so you can use it at home, or take it anywhere you want to go…to the office, on a plane or train, to the park, wherever you choose to create an enhanced experience or recharge your mind and body.

Most people find the experience incredibly soothing and relaxing, while at the same time, they report increased memory response, the ability to retain information better, enhanced learning, deeper, uninterrupted sleep patterns and much more…

There are mountains of evidence showing how brainwave technology can be used to enhance your life. The MasterMind Mentor™ PAD provides the best of both the light and sound sides of technology, coupled with awesome content and beautiful music to further enhance your experience.

Jennifer Severo,
Springfield, Missouri, USA

“My Confidence is Soaring!”

“I’m a singer in an alternative rock band. I knew I needed to appear confident on stage, but I just couldn’t relax. The fear and stress spilled over into every aspect of my life. It was as if anxiety and depression had overtaken me. When I learned about [the PAD and] CVR, my life was forever changed. Now that I have a great image of myself, I feel as if I’ve been illuminated from the inside. My self-esteem is sky high and my confidence is soaring! I even sing better than ever before-I know, because I get dozens of compliments after every show!”

“Nonsmoker for Life!”

“I started smoking when I was a teenager. I tried to quit cold turkey and, when that didn’t work, I tried weaning myself off. I’d have horrible mood swings and suffer intense cravings, especially around other smokers. When I started gaining weight, I’d cave. Once I learned about CVR everything changed. The program was instrumental in helping me to kick my habit without withdrawals. Not only did I not have mood swings, I felt empowered. It taught me how to use relaxation and creative visualization to become a nonsmoker for life!”

John Conkle,
Livermore, California, USA


What are brainwaves and why should you care?

Your brain generates wave patterns that fall into different categories, or states of consciousness, for different functions in your life. Each expresses itself through a different level of brainwave frequency.

In other words, where your brain is “tuned” at any given time directly affects – actually even determines — how you feel mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Brainwave frequencies are measured in Hertz (Hz), an indicator of how many times each wave “cycles” in one second.

There are four primary areas of brainwave activity:

Beta – On the upside, good for alertness, concentration and cognition, but the downside is that the excess of Beta brainwaves that virtually everyone in today’s fast-paced world is also responsible for high levels of stress, anxiety and general nervousness. Frequency range of Beta waves is between 13-40 Hz.

Alpha – The body is relaxed but the brain is focused and alert. Responsible for creativity, visualization and focused relaxation. Frequency range of Alpha waves is 8-12 Hz.

Theta – Associated with deeper states of meditation, intuition, insight, inspiration and memory. Frequency range of Theta waves is 4-7 Hz.

Delta – Deep, sound sleep and states of detached awareness and healing. Associated with the release of natural growth hormones and melatonin. Triggers deeper, “beyond meditative” states of spirituality. Frequency range of Delta waves is 1-3 Hz.

Your brainwave frequency and function has a direct impact on the quality of your life, how you learn, how much information you are able to retain, how you FEEL and even how you think.

But now you have the ability to CHOOSE your brainwave state in a soothing and relaxing way, right in the comfort of your own home or office…just don’t use it while you’re driving (because you’ll be wearing glasses with flashing blue lights over your eyes!).

“I feel rejuvenated and optimistic!”

“From my first experience with creative visualization and relaxation (CVR) at an Arizona Chiropractic convention, I was sold! I had previous experience with a binaural, tonal, audio-­only synchronization device for whole brain functioning to raise brain wave states, but the CVR device was far greater with the use of light and sound PLUS the added benefit of the programming that brings behavioral re-patterning for specific applications.”

Dr. Andy Nelson,
HealthSource Chiropractic u0026amp; Progressive Rehab
Prescott, Arizona, USA

The MasterMind Mentor™ PAD uses a unique and proprietary blend of technologies with three different levels of enhancements — voice, sound and music — coupled with light technology to stimulate the visual cortex and allow your brain to balance and synchronize to the ideal frequency for the experience…whether it’s learning, relaxation, stress reduction, information retention, meditation…virtually any state you want to achieve…

Here’s the bottom line…all tech talk aside:

  • Why would you spend hours in meditation TRYING to get focused or connected when you could supercharge your focus and energy in minutes?
  • Why would you continue to let distractions pull you off task over and over when you could spend 20 minutes a day that will keep you focused and alert?
  • Why would you allow stress steal years from your life, impede your learning process and memory and generally erode your quality of life when you can “banish the blues” with a simple, enjoyable and fast process?
  • Why would you want to take weeks, months or years to integrate lasting change when you can create a relaxing and pleasant experience for yourself as you accelerate the entire process?

You wouldn’t, right? Now that you can use this “magic bullet” technology for just 20 minutes a day, only a two or three days a week (although you’ll probably love it so much, you’ll want more) why wouldn’t you choose that?

Hey, we know this isn’t for everyone…

Some people are so attached to their current patterns and programs that they don’t even have the desire to change. But that’s probably not you…because you’re here, and still reading this…

Some people don’t “believe” that technology could do so much. But that’s probably not you either because, again…you’ve come this far and you’re still looking…

Some people think that they don’t have the time or money to invest in creating positive, lasting change for themselves in virtually every area imaginable. But I suspect that’s not you either. Because you’ve “been there/done that” and you’re ready for something new, different, fun and most importantly…EFFECTIVE AND FAST!

Besides, when you get back your investment with increased focus, sharper execution on projects, enhanced health and you even get more value out the programs you’ve already purchased, it’s going to pay for itself in no time anyway.

By now, you’re probably wondering how you can get access to this cutting-edge, brain-boosting technology so you can get started training your own brain for success in every area of your life.

If you were to go directly to the manufacturer of this product and buy it from their web site, it would cost you $599 just for the PAD unit by itself, no programs, no extras, just the PAD.

And if you were to order the programs through them, too, you’re looking at another $29.95 per individual program or $260 for one 12-track series…

So, if you do the math, that means that even if you just ordered a sampling of 12 different programs (which is what we recommend to start), along with the PAD, you’d be paying over $958 for the opportunity to integrate this powerful, life-changing technology into your daily life. Definitely worth every penny of that price, but certainly an investment you would have to consider very carefully.

But I have good news for you!

Because we have created a special partnership with the folks over at New Reality, coupled our high volume and the fact that we’re going to be delivering many of our new programs and content using the MasterMind Mentor™ PAD — they’re letting us offer special pricing to our very special audience…that’s you!

So, now you can own your own PAD, plus choose any one of three powerful sampler packages and get it all for only $597 plus shipping…a savings of well over $361. That’s almost 40% off the regular web site price.

And we’ve even taken all the guesswork out of making your first programming choices, too. Our experience shows that people are currently ordering programs in two primary focus areas, so we’ve put together two carefully developed packages, plus a variety sampler package, too. So, the only decision you have to make is which package to order to get you started down the path to experiencing a new reality in your life.

Now you can get this amazing technology for yourself and those you care about and choose any of these three powerful program packages, depending upon what is most important to you:

Each of these amazing combination sampler packages has 12 powerful, mind-enhancing tracks, PLUS five BONUS tracks for you to use each and every day for various purposes.

Check out these awesome choices you have available to you…

The MasterMind Mentor™ Wealth and Success Sampler Package
(PAD unit plus 12 Tracks – Over $958 value)

  • (2) Selected tracks from the Wealth Consciousness Series
    • Creating Your Wealth Through Desire, Belief and Determination
    • Attracting Like-Minded, Positive People Into Your Life
  • (2) Selected Tracks from the Success Series
    • Business Success
    • Financial Success (double voicing)
  • (2) Selected Tracks from the Life Mastery Series
    • Step Into Your Optimal Risk Zone
    • Activate Your Personal Success Magnet
  • (2) Selected Tracks from the Self-Empowerment Series
    • You Are the Power #1
    • Get Focused for Action (double voicing)
  • (2) Selected Tracks from the Improve Your Learning Series
    • Setting Goals for Learning Success
    • Breaking Through to Optimistic Thinking
  • Guided Imagery Program with Super Success Icon Bob Proctor
  • Selected “Music Only” Track from the Sound Healing Series without any voicing so you can go deep into your own self-guided visualization process whenever you choose.

The MasterMind Mentor™ Health and Wellness Sampler Package
(PAD unit plus 12 Tracks – Over $958 value)

  • (2) Selected tracks from the Stress Reduction Series
    • Step into your Magical Garden of Relaxation and Stress Reduction
    • Eliminate Fear of Future Events
  • (2) Selected tracks from the Care for the Journey Series
    • The Art of Receiving
    • Appreciation Montage
  • (2) Selected tracks from the Easy Weight Loss Series
    • Design Your Ideal Body
    • Your Plan for Weight Loss Success
  • The Pain Free Series (2 tracks)
    • Eliminate Pain and Discomfort
    • Unlocking the Door to Your Mental Pharmacy
  • Medical Series – De-stress and Lower Your Blood Pressure (1 track)
  • Self-Esteem Series – Overcoming Insomnia (1 track)
  • MasterMind Mentor’s Deep Relaxation/Attraction Program (1 track)
  • Sound Healing Series – Spa Music 2 (1 track – Music Only)

The MasterMind Mentor™ Variety Sampler Package
(Pad unit plus 12 Tracks – Over $958 value)

  • Wealth Consciousness Series – Creating Your Wealth Through Desire, Belief and Determination
  • Success Series – Financial Success
  • Improve Your Learning Series – Breaking Through to Optimistic Thinking
  • Accelerated Learning Series – Using Your Perfect Memory
  • Stress Reduction Series – Eliminate Fear of Future Events
  • Pain Free Series – Eliminate Pain and Discomfort
  • Easy Weight Loss Series – How to Handle Stress and Still Lose Weight
  • Wisdom of the World Series – Deepak Chopra Guided Meditation
  • Care for the Journey Series – Appreciation Montage
  • Golf Series – Awakening Your Golf Mind
  • MasterMind Mentor’s Deep Relaxation/Attraction
  • Sound Healing Series (Music Only) – Spa Music 2

Plus, regardless of which starter package you choose, I’m going to make sure you also receive FIVE POWERFUL BRAIN-BOOSTING BONUS TRACKS already pre-loaded onto your PAD when you receive it:

  1. CVR Introduction and Demonstration – Learn about this technology and how it works as you experience it for yourself. Great for sharing with your friends, family members and business associates too!
  2. Morning Process – Start your day energized and exhilarated with this awakening and focusing process.
  3. Mid-Day Recharge – Try this instead of a midday coffee break…12 minutes to less stress and higher focus. Zap that “afternoon slump!”
  4. Sweet Dreams Goodnight Process – Enjoy easily falling into a deep, delta sleep to rejuvenate your body and mind.
  5. Midnight Rest – Whenever you wake up at night and have trouble falling asleep, slip into your own peaceful cocoon and drift back to a deep sleep with this powerful CVR process.

That’s another $149.75 value, ABSOLUTELY FREE TO YOU!

Oh, and one more thing…as if that’s not enough…

The folks over at New Reality™ loved one of my video pieces so much they decided they wanted to have it as part of their program menu. So, I’m going to throw that in the bonus package too!

It’s called the Law of Attraction MasterMind Movie and features stunning visuals, powerful affirmations and special MasterMind Enhancement Music™ that I specifically composed to shift your mind into the proper state for attracting the life you truly desire.

That’s another $49.95 value and as a special gift to you, I’m going to make sure that you’ll have that video loaded onto your PAD when it arrives, so you can watch it on the PAD video screen while you listen to the powerful music and brainwave enhancements.

That’s a total of over $1156 in technology-driven,
relaxation-creating, stress-busting, mind-enhancing value…

And you get it all for only $597

Let’s recap…here’s what you’re to receive with this life-changing and brain-boosting package:

  • The MasterMind Mentor™ Personal Achievement Device Package ($599 value)
    • The PAD unit
    • The New Reality Enhanced Light Technology Glasses
    • Quality surround sound headphones
    • USB/Wall charger
    • Easy-carry storage bag
    • All in a beautiful, gift-quality box
  • Your choice of either of three powerful program packages (over $359 value)
  • Five Bonus Tracks (over $149 value)
  • And the bonus video Law of Attraction MasterMind Movie track ($49.95 value)

All you need to do now is pick your package and we’ll get this shipped right out to you so you can begin to experience your new reality right away:

  • Dramatically reduce your stress levels
  • Increase your focus and attention
  • Reach deeper states of meditation
  • More rapidly learn and retain complex information
  • Fall into a state of deep sleep and sleep through the night
  • Reduce or eliminate food cravings, addictions, and other bad habits that no longer support you
  • Increase your memory
  • …and much more…

Just choose your MasterMind Mentor™ Program Package now from the boxes below and we’ll rush the entire package out to you right away.

Step into your Perfect World with
The MasterMind Mentor™ Personal Achievement Device

Plus your choice of Accelerated Learning Package

YES Jeff, I want in!
Please rush me one of these technological marvels,“The MasterMind Mentor™ PAD Package”
including the PAD Unit ($599 Value), The New Reality Enhanced Light Technology Glasses, Quality Surround Sound Headphones, USB/Wall charger, Easy-carry storage bag, PLUS my choice of powerful program package ($359 Value), plus all the Additional bonus tracks and Law of Attraction MasterMind Movie track (valued at an additional $198.95), A total value of over $1156 for only $597!


Have your credit card handy and click the orange “Add To Cart” button below to order your MasterMind Mentor™ Personal Achievement Device plus over $550 worth of extra bonuses right now…

And if for any reason, you’re not satisfied, we have a no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee. Within 30 days of experiencing this incredibly powerful technology and information, if you are not completely satisfied, just contact us and we’ll cheerfully refund your money…every penny. (Just FYI — so far — we have NEVER had to make good on that guarantee…that’s how cool the MasterMind Mentor™ PAD really is…you’re going to love it!)

The only decision left is whether you want to have a tool that will help you take your life to a whole new level. It takes a special person to know when it’s time to rise up to their own greatness and break through their barriers…are you ready?

Like I said, we know this awesome technology isn’t for everyone…in fact, we do need to mention that if you’re epileptic, or subject to seizures of any kind, you probably shouldn’t be exposed to flashing lights…even ours, so this probably isn’t for you.

But that’s about the only limitation other than the ones you may be placing on yourself.

So…if you are ready to create a more relaxed, focused and balanced life, while you reduce your stress levels, increase your learning capacity and memory and support your personal growth in any area, this is one of those RARE OPPORTUNITIES for you to be on the forefront of the newest, most exciting, cutting-edge mind enhancement tools to become available to us here in the 21st Century.

Just choose your package from the choices above and we’ll take care of the rest…and you’ll be in for some really fun and exciting new surprises soon…but more on that later.

For now, go ahead and pick your package, so we can get your MasterMind Mentor™ PAD out to you as soon as possible and you can begin experiencing the power of creating your own new reality.

I wish you all the best in everything you pursue and I’m looking forward to hearing about your breakthroughs using the PAD.

Peace and Prosperity,


P.S. – If you’ve come this far and still not ordered your MasterMind Mentor™ PAD, just imagine looking back on your life a year from now, knowing that it was this decision that created the new you….what have you got to lose but another year?
Click Here to Order Yours Now

P.P.S. – Remember, we’re only going to offer this package for a limited time as we introduce this hot, new technology to the world…we’re offering over $1156 in value that you get for an investment of only $597…
You might want to go ahead and place your order now



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