Law of Attraction – Everything is energy and nothing is neutral

Recently, I have been revisiting my study of the work of Dr. David Hawkins (Power vs. Force / Highest Levels of Enlightenment) and have come to some interesting conclusions based upon his work.

If you have not studied Dr. Hawkins work, and are interested in the science behind how the world around you affects you, you might consider reading his now-classic book, Power vs. Force. Dr. Hawkins did a 29-year study of Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) made a number of profound discoveries.

First, nothing is neutral. Whatever you come into contact with — whether it be the food you eat, the people you meet or the environment in which you live and breathe — either strengthens you or it weakens you. Nothing is neutral.

A couple of years ago, I attended where the facilitator did a powerful demonstration of applied kinesiology using various test objects and three test subjects from the audience.

First, he did a blind test with each of the three subjects holding an envelope to their solar plexus. In each case, the muscle test (applied kinesiology) caused the subjects to immediately go weak. It turned out that inside the envelopes were packets of artificial sweeteners! So much for better living through chemistry!

Next he began testing music. As a musician and composer who creates music designed to raise vibrational frequency and enhance learning experience (MasterMind Enhancement Music), this really got my attention. Again, each of the subjects were given CDs (the music wasn’t actually played) to hold against the solar plexus.

The first one caused the subjects to go weak…it turned out that it was the Rolling Stones. A groan from the audience (including me)…and the facilitator said, “Yeah, I like the Stones too, but I don’t listen to them now because I know the music weakens me.” The next CD test produced a strengthening result and it turned out that CD was The Beatles.

I have been doing testing on lots of music, educational programs and other materials now in my own experiments. After the music was tested, I was very curious how my music and educational home study program fared in Dr. Hawkins world of The Enlightenment Scale. Near as we can tell, my Attraction Mastery program (which includes a custom music piece called Attraction) tested around 600 on the 0-1000 enlightenment scale. Anything above 200 is strengthening you and according to Dr. Hawkins, above 500 is in the pure love realm, 600 is approaching enlightenment and as you move toward 1000, you reach total energy/enlightenment/oneness. Very interesting stuff.

You can actually download the soundtrack of watch the video here and download the soundtrack for free if you’d like to test this for yourself.

Nothing is neutral. Everything either strengthens or weakens you. Perhaps it’s time to pay closer attention to what we choose to allow into our systems, and even into our personal field. Remember that the music test didn’t require even playing the music and the artificial sweetener test didn’t even require using the sweetener, only coming into contact with it. Quite fascinating stuff.

Click here to enjoy a short video piece with Dr. Hawkins.

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3 thoughts on “Law of Attraction – Everything is energy and nothing is neutral”

  1. >Nothing is neutral. Everything either strengthens or weakens you.

    This is funny. This is a very Americanized picture and very askew. If you create at the level of the law of attraction of course you would believe that nothing is neutral, because you are not creating in a space of neutrality — to do that you have to actually remove your energy, and everybody else’s energy, from the way you create.

    You learn to be neutral and work with neutrality by being Clairvoyant.

  2. Interesting view, although your approach seems a bit condescending (not sure what you means by “Americanized picture and somewhat askew”). Maybe something is getting lost in a translation. Clearly, the human experience, while striving for some level of “neutrality” this has not been in the evolution of humanity, at least not so far. It is a nice thought.

    I wholly agree that developing intuitive senses greatly assists with the process. But in a third dimensional human experience, one of the biggest challenges is “getting out of your own way.” Your frequency/vibration does attract like vibration but I do not believe that there is an “equal” or “neutral” place at our current state of evolution.

    Let’s connect again in a few hundred years and see how we’re doing! 🙂

  3. This is an interesting article on the law of attraction. I reflected on my own life and the people who I ALLOWED into it and realized how true this law is in regards to strengthening or weakening you. An old flame from my past, tried to contact me and HONESTLY, I review how he added or took away from my life. My decision was NOT TO EVEN RESPOND. So you guessed what the answer was.

    My question is why do people say opposites attract one another. How does this work with the law of attraction. Is it that the weaker one is attracted to the stronger one, as with many relationships? What is the deal with this concept with domestic violence or abuse? Are these people attracting these predators into their lives? The article gave me food for thought regarding life and relationships. Thanks for sharing this information.

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