Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich & the Law of Attraction

I have nearly 35 years behind me in the world of personal development.  And I feel quite fortunate that my first ‘formal’ foray into the personal development world, at least on a conscious level, was when I read Napoleon Hill’s classic bible on success, Think and Grow Rich, while I was still a junior in high school.

I have spent countless hours over the past three decades since then absorbing everything I can to expand my own horizons but rarely have encountered anything with the awesome raw power and message of success than Dr. Hill’s work.

Recently, I came across a video piece of Dr. Hill discussing his initial conversations with Andrew Carnegie, the insightful steel magnate (and the world’s first billionaire) who put the young Hill to task in studying the most successful men of the day and determine their common threads for creating that success. The resulting work changed the lives of millions of people around the world.

One of my favorite variations on Think and Grow Rich was the Nightingale Conant recordings called The Science of Personal Achievement. I was particularly moved by this because it includes so much of the original recordings done by Dr. Hill himself. This may not seem like much to us today but it is important to note that Hill first published Think and Grow Rich in 1937.

The recordings from The Science of Personal Achievement were from old radio interviews, recordings made on 78 speed records and were really the first serious work in audio recordings. It was cutting-edge stuff at the time…the information still is and now, the piece is (finally) available on CD. I had two different cassette version of the piece; one for me and one that I always circulated through my network, and always passed along from one person to another with a letter telling the next one in line how the work had affected his or her life.

I tell this story today to share with you that some concepts are universal and remain true throughout the generations. Think and Grow Rich and it’s related material is just such a work. If you haven’t read it (or listened to it if that’s your preferred medium), I strongly encourage you to do so.

For now, enjoy this quick taste of Dr. Hill himself laying the foundation for what is a very similar idea to what I now teach in my own Law of Attraction programs:

I hope you find this as inspiring as I do:

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