Setting “ridiculous” goals…and having fun doing it!

I have set some very high goals for this year…a few that some might consider impossible to achieve (at least this year). But, do you know what’s very interesting about setting the bar REALLY high for yourself? When you do that, you tend to always hit a goal higher than what you previously thought was achievable.

I got into the habit of setting “ridiculous” goals many years ago and it’s a really fun process. Have I always achieved every

Setting the bar high

goal?…well, uh, no, but I have always grown by leaps and bounds through the process of reaching higher to achieve something bigger, and eventually that goal is reached because of the constant growth required to stretch myself to a new level.

“Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.”
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes US author & physician (1809 – 1894)

Quite often, when I ask a coaching client to set the top three goals they want to achieve over the next six months, he or she comes back with something they feel is “achievable” (with their current thinking). In the coaching process, I’m always asking my clients to “go bigger” and “stretch farther”…”How would you feel if you actually could accomplish _______”.

Don’t stop with something you think (or even know) you could achieve…where’s the challenge in that? Go bigger, reach higher, stretch farther and stop worrying about how it might feel if you DON’T achieve your goal. Instead put yourself in the emotional place of what it will feel like when you DO hit it.

The reason to set goals higher than your current conscious state of mind can expect to achieve is that when you plant that big thought or idea, with a clear vision and focus, you can’t help but stretch yourself to a new level toward achieving that goal…and just as Dr. Holmes stated in the above quote, once you reach that new level, you can never go back to where you once were. You simply have to grow and challenge yourself to get there.

Think about this for a moment. As a child, goal-setting (and achieving) was easy. Why? One reason is that as a child you believed that anything was possible. Your goals were simpler…walk, talk, eat by yourself. You strived for this because it was part of “growing up.” Isn’t it interesting how children just can’t wait to grow? They relish the process. They are always looking forward to what they will achieve as they get older, the privileges they will have and the things they will be able to do that they cannot do now.

When you were a child, what did you want to do when you grew up? An astronaut, a professional sports hero, a rock star (that’s what I wanted…and yes, I was able to actually achieve that goal…although I did fall short of rock “superstar”…I guess I didn’t set the bar quite high enough)? Try to remember what it felt like when you didn’t think anything could limit you…if something has changed in you…why? Because, as a child you were right on the money with that “never give up” attitude.

clear your brain
Clear & Connect Your Mind

I have good news for you. There is nothing limiting you now except about six inches of real estate between your two ears. That energy and determination you had as a child for setting and achieving goals is still there, and still believes wholeheartedly that everything you set your mind to CAN be accomplished. You might have to do some searching to find it again, but it’s still there!

If you’re feeling like you can’t achieve your goals, then you may have lost sight of that childlike belief (read: truth) that all things are possible.

Maybe it’s time to try something different. Maybe it’s time to release the past, all the programming and negativity that you have allowed to seep into your brain and try just being a child again, knowing that all things really ARE possible.

There are a lot of processes that can help you release old patterns from the past but whatever method you choose, remembering that childlike innocent belief in yourself is the first key. So, be a kid and have some fun!

You’ll be happy you did…

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1 thought on “Setting “ridiculous” goals…and having fun doing it!”

  1. only part way thru your post, Jeff…had to click on it b/c it made me giggle. ‘setting ridiculous goals can be FUN.’ Aye. YES! and why not?? so, first things first. I admire, with relish (and mustard, too) your website. you can go to it and blog as you will, eh?

    did you create it? my ridiculous goal, this month, is to create a website by the end of the month. having run the conversation, “I know nada about computers” for most of my young Life (I am 45), I am now chanting my new mantra, “I am open to receiving my next inspired step!”

    Thanks for all you do. And VBU, too.
    Planting seeds for a better world,

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