The Law of Attraction MasterMind Movie

It’s a brand new year and time for some brand new techniques. This year, I will be sharing bits and pieces of my Attraction Mastery program. This program is designed with you in mind, it’s fast and doesn’t waste any time! After all, with the turbo-charged pace of life these days, we need things to happen as soon as humanly possible right? That’s why I developed this program.

Lots of my coaching clients and friends started asking me a bunch of questions about the Law of Attraction during the past few years…questions like: “I’m meditating and I’m visualizing but I’m not having the success I want with the Law of Attraction, what am I doing wrong?”

So, I would ask a few questions in return, such as: “When things start showing up around what it is you’re visualizing, what do you do?” Typically, I would get a cold stare in response, something like the confused dog look with the cocked head and confused face…”what do you mean, when things show up?” I realized that what most people were missing in the equation was the action part. You have to take action as things are put into your path that match up to what you’re attracting with your thoughts and emotions.

In order to assist people in making this work better in their lives, calm the active chatter in their mind and allow for the process to really take effect, I developed the Seven Days to Success program and later did a more advanced series called Attraction Mastery and one of the bonuses in the program is the Law of Attraction MasterMind Movie. This is a 11-minute movie showing stunning visual images, text affirmations and is scored with a very special MasterMind Enhancement Music piece called (of course) “Attraction.” You can download the soundtrack for free on our web site if you like it.

As a New Year’s gift to my readers, newsletter subscribers, friends and associates, I’ve put the movie, in it’s entirety up on YouTube for all to view. Of course, the quality is compressed and not as good as the actual DVD that comes in the course but you can experience this for yourself and get the idea.

There is nothing like the real thing though….this program y been endorsed by my friend Marci Shimoff, teacher from the movie, The Secret and co-author of Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul. Marci has another fabulous new book called Happy For No Reason that you should definitely check out too.

This is so much great stuff to help you create your ultimate dream life…there really are no more excuses. Please, whether you use my program, or find another way, do something great! Because you can and there are others out there that need to be inspired by you…IT IS YOUR TIME!

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1 thought on “The Law of Attraction MasterMind Movie”

  1. wow, I love this post.

    I have watched the secret so many times and every time I think that I will “get it” but for some reason I just don’t see the signs around me, I wish I knew what I was looking for and then I can act on it, I have felt I have acted on signs but it doesn’t look like it worked yet…….

    Thanks tho, great words

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