Why we REALLY do free coaching…

Someone contacted me the other day about the free Discovery Coaching sessions that we offer and responded in a really “interesting” way.  I don’t typically get these kinds of responses anymore because of how I work with the Law of Attraction but every now and again I get a mild “heckler.”  I usually just chalk it up to someone having a bad day but this one felt a little different so I decided to “follow the trail.”  So, the guy writes to me: “You know the only reason you do these free sessions is to get people to buy your coaching!”  Maybe he WAS having a bad day but…

Wow! I had to stop and think long and hard about that one. Why would someone approach me like that?  I’m looking at this as a gift that I give to people and he’s challenging my integrity.  And of course, there was a part of me wanting to say: “Uh, duh! (I mean, of course, there is a marketing strategy involved…or at least a “filtering” strategy)” but that really doesn’t begin to explore the many reasons why my coaching team and I REALLY do free Discovery Coaching sessions.

Money is just an exchange of value and energy and I have yet to work with a client who didn’t tell me that I brought WAY more value to them than the money they were paying for my services. So, I decided to really put some thought into how to respond to this gentleman.

Think about this for a minute.  When someone offers you a free trial, what is the purpose?  It is to prove to you that what you are trying is worth buying in the first place, right?

This happens every day in the marketing world and no one thinks twice about it.  You see it in the grocery store when someone offers you a taste of a new food product.  If you like it, you buy it.  You see it in internet marketing a lot these days with $1 trials, awesome free training content leading to a product offer, and free this and that to lead you to EXPERIENCE what is being offered, thereby being able to make a better buying decision.  It helps you to get to know the product, or the service, or in my case, the PERSON.  Let’s be realistic, you’re not going to sign up to pay for for coaching services without even knowing the slightest bit about me or just from reading my web page, are you?

And by the same token, I’m not going to just work with anyone either.  It has to be a good fit (and I have to actually have an opening in my coaching schedule…which is rare. )  But typically one or more of our coaching team is available for a session with virtually anyone.

So, let’s break this down a bit:

Of course, I don’t provide my coaching services just for the money.  There is a lot easier work you can do if you’re just about money.  I do coaching and mentoring, first and foremost, because I love it.  One of my favorite experiences is seeing one of my clients rise to a new level in his or her life or business, or watching them discover an inner greatness that they didn’t previously acknowledge, or helping someone make more money and see their lives change dramatically as a result.

Everyone has at least one unique skill set. One of the highest and best uses of my unique skill set in the world is to help people break through barriers, structure their business to bring them freedom, get clear on how to move forward, solve challenges and provide a plethora of different ways someone can create more time, money and personal freedom in the process…just to name a few things that I do in life and business coaching. Virtually everyone I work with believes that brings great value to their lives, whether or not they end up paying for my services in the long run.

And on my team, we have people with all sorts of specialty areas too…wellness coaching, financial coaching, law of attraction…and more new areas being filled all the time through our MasterMind Mentor Coaching Academy certification program.

Rarely do I work with a client that hasn’t created a new way to pay for my services and much, much more in the first 90 days.  As a business coach, if I don’t bring actual bottom line monetary, dollars and cents (and sense) value to your life, what’s the point of paying me, right?

Going back to how this all lays out from the “you’re only doing this to get people to pay you!” comment made by our skeptical friend earlier in this story…let’s take a look at how “free” looks from my perspective…

We have a number of different programs and my private coaching practice is much higher than, but for our Mastering the Law of Attraction coaching curriculum, people pay $497 per month, although most people just go ahead and pay $997 for three months of coaching because it’s like getting a whole month for FREE.   That’s about three hours a month, plus a bunch of other perks including recording every single session, quick-coaching sessions, and more…  So the math works out to an hourly rate in the $110-165 range, depending on how it’s structured.

So, addressing our skeptical friend’s concerns, these complimentary Discovery Sessions sessions are not some scaled-down version of a coaching session where I’m holding back the “good stuff” and offer no real value.  It’s the real deal.

Just like any other session, wemastermind mentor success business stragegy consulting spend time examining your life and situation, your business, your strategies and where you might make things more effective. We usually spend 45-60 minutes on these calls. That breaks down to well over  $100 of my coaches’ time…that we give you, as a gift for FREE, regardless of whether you sign up for a coaching program.  And that’s not even doing the math of the value when I do the session myself because my specialty rates are substantially higher than that.  You can check out the Conscious Business Strategy or Product and Strategic Marketing and Product  Launch Consulting packages, if you really want to know…   (if you’re a good candidate for one of those programs).

The whole design is not about selling you coaching, it is to determine whether we can provide a greater value to you, to see if we are a good fit in working together for some period of time after the initial session.  Our intention is to put you in a position that you have powerful new ideas and tools to work with from DAY ONE (Day One – The Free Discovery Session).

We don’t work with everyone, not even with everyone that wants to pay.   I believe we have to both be clear that our working together is a good fit.  Our personalities need to connect, and my skills (or those of one of my coaching team) and your project, or your business, or yours goals in life, have to be a good match.

So, we can’t work with everyone…there aren’t enough hours in the day.  However, while we will gladly provide anyone with a true desire to improve their current situation with complimentary coaching session.

So, like the man who wrote me the email and was skeptical about my intentions, are you willing to walk away from an over $100 gift that you may REALLY need right now?  It is just that: a gift to you, with no strings attached and no pressure.

If you do find that this interesting and intriguing, what have you got to lose?  Really, what’s the worst-case scenario?  Less than an hour of your time and at the end, perhaps we don’t mesh?  Hardly a risk, don’t you agree?

The bottom line for me is that my greatest passion is to help people find the best parts of themselves and bring that out into the world. I love helping people discover new business ideas and potential income streams.   I love finding new ways to MasterMind with people to overcome challenges and have more time, money and freedom in their lives.   That’s my passion!

By the way, the skeptical man I referred to earlier has now come back to me with an interest in pursuing a session.  Isn’t that interesting?  Sometimes it’s all about someone’s slightly skewed perception.  All it took was just sharing my true motivation.

If I can be of service, let me know. You can click here to sign up for your complimentary Discovery Session. Just fill out the form, then the questionnaire that follows and we”ll know you’re ready to get scheduled.   What have you got to lose?   It’s FREE! <grin>

I wish the best in all you choose to pursue.

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2 thoughts on “Why we REALLY do free coaching…”

  1. The name describes it perfectly! Discovery Session. The value of the gift is beyond words, when there is a person who loves what they are doing, asking you meaningful questions, LISTENING to your responses, and giving valuable feedback when appropriate and with encouragement to follow through with clarity on your next step. My work is first to improve myself, learning to communicate and to share with new skills. I am clear on this.The free gift I accepted has made a world of difference in my courage, confidence, and clarity. One friend from my toastmasters club called me ‘The Rock-Star of Toastmasters’. Another described a graph in the air,showing an upward sweep almost straight up at a sudden point. That point, I can tell you, happened right after my Discovery Session. I’ll be giving back too, when the time is right for me.Thanks Jeffrey!

  2. Hi Mary…great to hear from you. Sounds like things are going really well and look forward to staying in touch. I really appreciate your sharing the personal value you gained from your Discovery Session. All the best to you.

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